18 February 2011


Snowed another 3-4 inches overnight. We now are back to looking like the dead of winter. Had to plow again. Afternoon sun. High 35.

Neighbors stopped to chat as I was down at the gate plowing. Sadly, they reported that more people we know have been forced to leave the valley because there is no work here. Other sad news. A mountain lion was treed and shot because she was on the Kootenai Trail where people like to walk. Neither man nor beast is making out too well around these parts. Hard times all around it seems.

Koty and I hiked in the forest for a couple of hours. It was so beautiful with all the fresh snow. Saw some wolf and wildcat tracks. We followed the wildcat for quite a way. It's silly I know but it always pulls at my heart strings when I see small cat tracks in the snow. They seem so small compared to their world. I guess it's the same with us. We just leave much bigger tracks.

Looks like winter is fixing to stick around awhile longer.

©Kinsey Barnard

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