19 February 2011


24 degrees this morning and cloudy. The day ended at 21. Last night it was clear as a bell and the moon on the snow lit the place up like day time. I have noticed a certain weather patterns and they seem at odds. Most of our clear weather is at night and yet almost all the snow has come at night too.

Russel says watch 76.5 on the dollar and I will.

Slithered off the mountain to get to the post office and to get some supplies at the grocery.

I decided to go on a little tour to see if I could find anything interesting to shoot. Drove Indian Creek, Sinclair Creek and finished with a walk at the Riverwalk. Never found a single thing that interested me or my camera. Some days are like that.

My third most favorite thing to do after, photography and exploring the wild, is eating. Turns out food was my greatest discovery today. Today I discoverd Pistachio instant pudding. OMG! It's to die for and it's sugar and fat free! It even has little bits of nut in it. This stuff is a perfect subsititute for my ice cream addiction. Ah, that's it. Jello Instant Pudding, the methadone for ice cream junkies.

Jello Instant Pudding-Pistachio Flavored

Cold and clear tonight. I'm thinkin sunny skies tomorrow.

©Kinsey Barnard

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