12 February 2011

Today I Made a Pact With Myself


Mostly Cloudy. High around 44. Looks like another thaw is on the way.

Well, I flunked the course. Yesterday I managed to completely avoid working on my taxes. So, I'm going to have to put it in writing "I will work on my taxes one hour per day until they are done". Over the course of my life I have found putting things in writing can be a compelling time management tool. It gives me impetus I might not otherwise have. We'll see how that goes.

The day started off on a very positive note. For the past 13 years I have hung out at a place called Silcon Investor. It's a good place to interact with other investors and pick up an investment idea or two. There are also "threads" that are just for chatting about nothing in particular. The other day I posted the link to my "Canyons of the Ancients" story on the chat thread and this morning I received the following comment this morning.

"“You are just so amazing....I am in awe with what you do....and you are so right with what you wrote below....I think of that too sometimes, but you are so much more eloquent... I lived in Albuquerque as a kid, and hope someday to see things from my adult eyes now....

"At one place, on the rim overlooking Sand Canyon, I stopped to ponder the fate of the Anasazi. Because there were no other people or distractions I was able to let my imagination run wild. As I sat there looking out over the fabulous vista I imagined myself one of them. What I was seeing was exactly what some Anasazi saw thousands of years before. It was as though the canyon was a time tunnel through which I could travel and connect with ancient spirits. The wind blew through the canyon at just the right velocity to create a soft sound that seemed almost like ghost whispers. What were the ghosts telling me? Maybe they were telling me to live every moment to the fullest drinking in all the beauty I can because one day, like the Anasazi, I too will disappear." ~~~ KLP Silicon Investor

Well, that's a keeper!

OK, so what I did about my tax work was set my timer to one hour and made myself sit there until the buzzer went off! One hour down, heaven only knows how many to go!

Looking down on the Tobacco Valley & Lake Koocanusa 2-10-2011

Now here's a pip! I had to call in Interbel, my telephone co-operative, because my internet service was slower than molasses in January, this after they tore the place apart putting in fiber-optics last summer. (see Fiber-Optics Rural Utilities). Now that all is said and done it turns out there's a data bottleneck down in Kalispell that holds the flow up anyway. What a world!

Mubarek finally threw in the towel and left Cairo. Oil dropped like a rock.

©Kinsey Barnard

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