27 February 2011

My Week in Pictures

This week was all about cold and snow. We had the biggest storm I've seen in the nine winters I've been here, 20 inches in around 24 hours. And, we had the lowest temperature for this winter -11. By we I mean Koty and I. But we are very fortunate to live in a micro-climate that allows us to stay 10 to 15 degrees warmer than most other places. Of course, -11 or -25, I can't tell the difference when it gets that cold.

Koty still in bed. He is not a morning person.
After the big storm the trees were just loaded with snow.

Out at Walden Pond the warm water from the spring kept the ice at bay.

Snow piled on old grass made for an interesting landscape. Kind of looked like a lunar landscape to me.

The snow was so deep Koty had to jump along to break trail. He loved every minute of it.

101 Ranch barn and fences covered in new snow.

The view from Sophie lake east to the Galtons and Mt. Baldy

Mt. Baldy. This mountain is actually in British Columbia

This shaggy, little old pony was just standing by the roadside caked in ice. It was -9 degrees. He reminded me a lot of a horse I had when I was a kid, his name was Pancho. I know animals are designed to tolerate the cold but it still makes me sad to see them out in it. The truth is even if they have access to a barn most of them prefer to be out.

Just an old snow covered truck I came across. When I took this little tour of the valley after the storm I stayed in the car and shot through the car window most of the time at -7 to -10 it's colder than I like and I can't hardly work the controls on my camera.

Along with the pot load of snow we also  has some wind. I didn't get that much at my place but other place got quite a bit. This is what the snow along the roadside looked like after the wind sculpted it. I really find these natural designs beautiful.

Just another moonset. I took this through my living room window. Too cold for me out there!

No telling what Mother Nature has in store for us next week. But, it will be interesting no doubt. Spring breakup could really be a very messy business this year. I read in the local paper,  published once a week, all the watersheds are above normal for snow and some close to 150% above normal. If we get a sudden period of high temperatures this spring there will be flooding and ice jams galore, no doubt about it.

©Kinsey Barnard


David said...

Koty is in Seventh Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Hi Great pics. Believe it or not but we had snow on the Superstitiions east of us this AM. All the mountians east and north got some. Flagstaff got a foot. We are heading back to Idaho about April 1st. Might see you next summer.

Chuck n Sue

David said...

How do you get such great shots of the moon? I love to photograph the moon but don't know how to capture the surface features. Brightness always overwhelms the camera.

Kinsey Barnard said...


I use a telephoto lens, a tripod and very slow shutter speed. Considering this was shot through a dual pane window the detail is pretty good. I tried to take this one outside but when my hand got stuck to the tripod I threw in the towel. Good thing I didn't try to lick it! ;) (I'm kidding about licking it)

Kinsey Barnard said...

I love my Molly but I sure miss my Koty.