10 February 2011

Procrastination- I Am the Champion!


Cloudy and gray today, temp hung around 35 for most of it. Sun came out in the afternoon.

I got a very nice surprise this morning, my article "Canyons of the Ancients-Land of Enchantment-Land of Mystery" was nominated for story of the week at JPG Magazine. That really made my day!

It's tax time and I should be getting my stuff together for my CPA but I just hate to do it and will look for any excuse to avoid it. I'll even do housework in an effort to divert myself. I was able to burn up a couple of hours playing with Twitter and Facebook. I still don't have the hang of those places. After doing some housekeeping I went back to work on my photos. Gawd I'm good at being bad!

Here's another photo of the ice falls.

Koty spent the morning out on the deck yodeling his displeasure at not being out hiking.

We did go out after lunch and I found the most wolf tracks I've seen all winter. Looked like a pack of maybe 6 to 8.

Also, ran into a local couple driving the forest service road and passed the time of day, as is the custom in the country. I always learn something from these chats. What I learned today was that there are serious concerns about flooding down in the Flathead due to all the snow they've had. Even the high country up here is loaded. Should be an interesting spring.

©Kinsey Barnard

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