15 February 2011


Muddy gray this morning temp at 32 and we are definitely in a thaw. The high was 45. It feels like we may be making the turn toward spring. The birds and squirrels seem to sense it too. When I went out on the deck at daybreak the birds were chirping and the squirrels were chattering. In the dead of winter the forest is as silent as a stone. Oh, we may get another snow or two but my "friends" and I we think spring is right around the corner.

Ready For Spring

This afternoon I walked in my forest. I came across where a squirrel had been out of his hole working his pine cones. Everybody is getting anxious to go back to work. Me too. As I walked around I saw so many wind fall trees I need to clean up.

Squirrels out working in February

I may be on to something with my "My Week In Pictures" idea. I've only done it two times now but yesterday I had the largest number of visitors I have ever had in a single day, over 700. The people have spoken. I have really struggled with this blog thing, trying to find the right mix of doing something that I enjoy and that others enjoy too. All I can say is, when it comes to the Internet, it's a jungle out there.

I found this article this morning. The IMF Calls for dollar alternative. There was a time when such a thing was unimaginable. It blows my mind!

I think I've reached that age where I start remembering "the good old days", just like my parents did and their parents before them. Egads! It is really true, life does go by in a flash and the older you get the faster it flies.

Hope everyone had a happy and love filled Valentines day.

©Kinsey Barnard Fine Art  Photography

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