28 October 2009

Andre Agassi - Time for Studs

Well another of my heroes bites the dust. Andre Agassi apparently admits in his new autobiography that he used crystal meth. Andre Agassi. I just loved that kid!

I'm really conflicted about the "truth". On the one hand, truth and honesty are a good thing; on the other it leaves no room for heroes. Looking back it seems as though almost all those I admired, both historically and in my lifetime, had feet of clay. In fact, as I look back it seems most of the things I believed in were manufactured baloney.

Snowed most of the morning.

White Tail Sitting Out the Storm

Normally I don't get my studded snow tires put on until the middle of November but after looking at the Weather Channel forecast I decided discretion was the better part of valor. I've got a nasty patch of road I must traverse and it can get pretty ugly real fast.

Koty had to stay home and he is never very pleased about that. Poor kid. Hunting season began this past weekend and he is very gun shy and doesn't really feel safe even in the house. Ironically, what he likes to do is get in his crate in the car. There didn't seem to be the normal numbers of hunters out and about so that helps.

The sun came out later in the afternoon and Koty and I took a walk in our sanctuary. It was really quite beautiful.

A Little Sunshine

©Kinsey Barnard

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