13 October 2009

Yellowstone-September 28, 2009

It was a balmy 25 degrees this morning. Clem's batteries held up over night. I think I may have been right. They just needed some exercise.

It was 7:30 am before we got out into the park and quite smokey but we never say die. And, as it turned out it was a pretty productive morning. What Mother Nature takes away with haze she gives back with steam.

Fire Hole River

The cold weather really brought the steam out and made for some very nice opportunities. If you're patient and don't give up things will come into view.

Morning Steam

As usual, Koty was less than inspired. He does not care for National Parks because All he gets to do most of the time is ride shotgun. For a busy boy this is shear torture which can only be alleviated by a good snooze.

On Strike

WE went back down the road as far as Black Sand Basin. Because of the smokey haze, I suppose, there wasn't much of interest so we headed back to Fire Hole Drive where we were treated to some very beautiful scenes.

Mystic Morning

It was so bleeding cold but if it had not been these photos would not have been possible. It's funny how I don't seem to be able to get enough of beautiful scenery. I am well and truly addicted. Why else would I be out here freezing my arse off?

Great Fountain Geyser

You can find the Great Fountain Geyser on the Fire Hole Lake Drive. I saw it yesterday and it certainly didn't look like this!

Buffalo Boy

Just as we were leaving Fire Hole Drive we ran smack dab into Buffalo Boy grazing right along the road.

By this time the morning was completely gone and I was once again pooped. I was also ready for a full service RV Park so we headed for West Yellowstone and the Grizzly RV Park. Very nice park by the way. We right away found a place to hike into the woods and I got the idea I should ask the people in the office if there was any access to the Madison where I could walk with my dog. I was told absolutely and given directions. I figured t would be the perfect place to head in the morning.

Whilst we were wandering around town we were stopped by a local couple who it turned out raise huskies. They told me about some good camping spots up 191 and I put it on my agenda, sounded ideal.

West Yellowstone, MT

All around the town there are these buffalo that artists have painted. I thought they were awfully nice so I swiped an image.

After dinner I decided to see if we could find the trailhead of the trail I had been told about. Well, I found it and there was a great big sign saying no dogs. I tell ya I have to wonder about people. That changed everything. We headed home to get packed up for a morning departure.

I wasn't too disappointed because I had a Plan B, just head on up 191.

©Kinsey Barnard

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