29 October 2009

Lou Dobbs-The Soul of Our Country

I think I must be one of the most fortunate people on this planet. A lot of that has to do with the country in which I live.

I love nature and spend as much time out in it as I possibly can. I try in my humble way to show nature the way I see it with my photography. There are many beautiful places on this globe. Natural beauty is everywhere. My good neighbors in Canada have some of the best the world has to offer. What is unique is the United States. There has never been anything like it in human history. Because I live here I fear that I sometimes take things for granted.

Banff Autumn

I have noted before my concern about the direction this country is taking. Today I saw this You Tube video of Lou Dobbs show tapped on the 26th of October. It really got my attention. Lou Dobbs. In my opinion Lou Dobbs is a pretty mild mannered fellow. Yes, he is conservative but should that get a bullet through your window? If so I had better be putting bullet proof glass the look at my beautiful view.

The View

This video is very much worth a listen as a reminder that if you appreciate this country you need to pay attention and speak out if things don't seem right. People speaking out and standing up are what keeps us from tyranny. I for one shoot e-mails of to my elected officials whenever an issue comes up.

I'm really concerned. I think everyone should be.

©Kinsey Barnard

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