23 October 2009

Water Filters & Dollar Woes

October 06, 2009

All was quiet this morning. No bears about. The temp was about 34 degrees but there is frost on the roof and the meadow.

Gold was up this morning over $20 on news that China, Russia and France are planning on replacing the dollar for their oil trading. Gold is at it’s all time historic high. Demise of the Dollar As I sit here on my mountain I seriously wonder what our fate, as a country, is to be. The government is clearly out of control. I fear America as I have known it is slowly slipping away.

When I was in high school I had a history teacher, Nathan Weston Blanchard III, he was kind of a kooky old fellow but quite wise I always thought. He said that all empires eventually fall and that America would be no different. I never forgot his words and now it seems it is all coming true.

Went below and checked water filter. As I had hoped it has stopped leaking on it’s own. Only leaked about a quarter of a cup before stopping. That’s a relief.

Water Filter Replaced

Spent most of the morning editing and cataloging.

After lunch Koty and I took a walk around our sanctuary. I am very sad as it looks to me as though the entire forest is dying. Even the aspen, cottonwood and birch look sick. Their fall foliage is drab and unappealing. There is something very strange going on in the woods. I know all about the spruce beetles, the fir beetles and the root rot but somehow I feel there is more to it although I have no idea what.


©Kinsey Barnard

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