28 February 2010

Moonset and The Internet

I spent a good deal of my time this week working on my new store at Imagekind. I’m quite impressed with the quality of the site and pleased with the sales it has generated. The site offers print only or custom framed and there are a gazilliion frame and mat options. You can have a lot of fun playing with them. I have a many more images to upload so there will be new photos as time allows.

I’ve also been working on a marketing campaign for my limited editions as well as working on updating the site. All this to say; I spent most of my week working on Internet stuff and it’s really hard work for one who doesn’t sit well.

Whilst I was consumed with Internet stuff I ran across this article Information Super Sewer. and it made an impression on me. It talks about the pros and cons of the Internet and I believe the author makes some really good points. I know I have a love hate relationship with the darned thing. Give it a read I think you will find it provocative.

Of course, this meant Koty did not get his full measure of energy release and I’ve been paying dearly for that. He hoots and howls non-stop in an effort to show his displeasure. He takes every toy (and he has accumulated quite a few over ten years) out of the toy box and tosses them all over the house. When that doesn’t get my attention he heads for the trash and picks out something he can shred. That does get my attention as I have to chase him all over the place to get it back. I try not to let on but it's hard not to laugh. I really admire his creativity.

My Angel

As always the mule deer were here to keep me company. They are such sweet and gentle creatures. When they arrive in the fall they are wilder than March hares but before winter is over they are as tame as can be. Some of them I get to know so well I am compelled to give them names. This is my girl Daisy.


The snow is melting PDF (that stands for Pretty Damned Fast not Portable Format Document). And, the temps have been in the high 40's. The ten day forecast is for 50 degree days. So, if winter is returning it doesn't look like it will be next week.

As usual, Mother Nature reminds me I needn't go far to experience her wonders. In fact I don't even have to leave the house. Below are a couple of images of a recent moonset that came our way this week. Proving once again there is only one true Artist. The rest of us are merely posers.

Moonset Over Montana

The wonder of it all. It's so very humbling.

The View

Check out the "Skyscapes" gallery.

One last item. This must surely be a sign of the times Is Nothing Sacred? Banks are now foreclosing on Kentucky Derby hopefuls.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

21 February 2010

Canadian Border and Spring Is In The Air!

As usual we did a lot of walking in the woods this week much of it along the Galton Range which looks down on the Tobacco Valley. It was gorgeous. If you've not seen the Canadian Border anywhere but at a manned crossing you might find the image below kind of interesting. The snow makes it possible to see the thin white line that is the border, nothing more than the equivalent of a fire break. The break in the line is Lake Koocanosa which is still iced over.

Canadian Border

The mountain range in the distance is called the Percells which run right up into British Columbia. I believe the tallest of the peaks is Mt. Henry. There is a forest fire lookout up there. I must get up there one of these days. In any event the view was mighty nice.

Percell Mountains

We have had very little snow this week and very mild temperatures. Even all my forest friends have taken notice. Birds are sing songing and the squirrels are out and about. I saw a real cutie posed beautifully on an old stump by the time I got a bead on him this is what I got ...


The sun has been shining quite a bit and it really transforms the world. If the Tobacco Valley has any short coming I suppose for me it would be that the winters are dark and dreary. So, when the sun does make an appearance it's like manna from heaven. I love the patterns in nature and tree bark is a favorite subject. In the image below the sun is really showing off this Ponderosa.

Ponderosa Bark

And, of course, there was Koty hanging out doing what he does best .... looking beautiful.

Lakota Sunrise

Speaking of Koty; he had some of his pals stop by to play. The deer are really funny. They know Koty is on a tether and just how close they can come to him without risking an altercation. Koty pretends to be indifferent hoping to lure them within range.

Koty & Friend

It won't be long now until we can get out and about. I'm beginning to get that yearning for spring. What usually happens is we get this great weather in February and get all excited that winter is done. Then wham we get hit with one more serious winter patch.

The View

"The View" is what I see out my livingroom window. Man am I one lucky girl?!

Well that was our week. It was another great one but we are starting to get a little spring fever!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

14 February 2010

Snow Fleas and Sad News

Well, howdee! After two weeks I am only 95%. What ever bug that was it was a doozie. Or, maybe it's my age but I don't think so.

Speaking of bugs I made a discovery this week. I had gone down to my gate to clean up some new fallen snow when I noticed what looked like soot on the snow. I thought that was rather strange as the chances of there being soot on the snow, out here in the wilderness, is slim and none. Then, since I love in conspiracy country I thought con trail those danged Feds have dropped something on us. But, when I put my nose right down on the snow I saw a writhing, popping mass of living organisms. I'd never noticed anything like. I mentioned the phenomenon to my neighbors who set about an internet search. Turns out the little devils are snow fleas. Thank goodness they aren't really "fleas" or it would be mighty unpleasant as they number in the kabillions.

I got some very sad news this week. A man I had know since I was a teenager, and extremely fond of, was killed by a wildebeest near his home in Nanyuki. Julian had been a professional hunter in Kenya until hunting was banned in 1972. Thereafter he had taken people on camel/photograph safaris. At the time of his passing he was nearly eighty years old. By this time I had thought he would just pass away quietly in his sleep. It never in a million years occurred to me that a wild animal would get him whilst he took and afternoon walk with his dogs. A very clear reminder to those of us who wander the wilds that a wild thing can take you down at any time. It wouldn't at all surprise me if this same sort of thing didn't happen to me one day. I certainly hope not but it's always a risk.

To say I was saddened by this news would be a great understatement. I spent a lot of time wandering and reflecting down near the Tobacco River there was much more than just my reflecting going on.

Tobacco River

It never ceases to amaze me, the effects of the seasons upon the landscape. It's like a living painting that is not bound by canvas and oils. Forever changing and reshaping itself into wonderous momentary images.

Tobacco River

I also took several walks out in the woods. Yesterday I followed elk tracks and before long discovered a wolf was following them too. I never saw the wolf but I certainly did see the elk. The were over the side of the trail and when they got wind of us they went crashing through the woods like a herd of elephant. Very goosie and for very good reason.

As usual Koty was busy doing what Koty does best, hunt out trophies to gnaw on in the snow.


That was our week as we took the bitter with the sweet.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

07 February 2010

Down For The Count

No photography this week. No nothing this week except hiding in the house. After a nearly ten year run without getting sick I caught some bug and it flattened me. It wasn’t the flu. I think it was bronchitis. It came on me last Sunday starting with a scratchy cough, took off with a vengeance and ended with a lost voice and chest rattles.

I’m guessing it’s been ten years by the expiration dates on my remedies. Most had expired in 2003. Assuming I bot them at least a couple of years before they expired that puts me near ten years. And yes, I used them and they worked fine. I will toss them now that they have been opened and replenish with fresh. I am not recommending using expired medicines just saying I did and they worked fine.

Meantime a snowstorm comes rolling in and I’m out trying to keep the snow plowed when the rocker switch on the snowplow ceases to function. I am able to raise the blade one last time to get it in the shed. No rest for the wicked or sick. You don’t just call the repairman when you live in the woods. I was in no condition to try and repair it. A fix would require parts and a drive down the mountain was out of the question. I figured if I got stuck for the rest of the winter so be it. I returned to the house and conk out.

Later in the week I am feeling a little better and try working at the computer. I notice that the keyboard has gotten pretty icky so without turning the Bluetooth off I carry it to the kitchen to clean. I think I hear a voice but dismiss it as some kind of hallucination. When I get back to my desk with the clean board and start working the voice returns and begins to describe what I am doing and where I am going. It was beyond annoying. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I gave up and put the computer to sleep. Not long after the fan comes on and it does not sound at all good. I end up having to do a very hard turn off. Now I think the computer is tap city too. But will have to be dealt with next day.

Next morning, with a clearer head, I switch on my Apple G5 and pray. She boots up perfectly. I once again bless the day I drop kicked my PC out the window and said goodbye to Windows forever. After hunting around in the help section I found what I was looking for. The computer has Voice Assist for people with vision problems. Apparently, when I removed the keyboard I had pressed just the right combination to activate it. Repressing the combination turned it right off. If you have an Apple and it happens to you just press Command and F5 and you will be back to beautiful silence.

By yesterday, Saturday, I was feeling a lot better and we had had a little more snow overnight so I went out to shovel. The cold air actually felt good. My neighbor has a drag blade he uses and I asked him if he would mind dragging my driveway when he was next out as my plow was on the out and injured along with me. I’ve got great neighbors and they were down here in no time. Joan Ann took Koty for a walk and Doug and I dismantled the plow switch. Doug drove us into to town to the Napa store and we got a new switch. The new switch is in, operating and works better than the original.

I’d pretty much worn myself out for one day and hoped that HBO might have a good Saturday night flick. Lately, the movies have been repeats from other movie channels and yawners. But, last night was a true winner. It was the story of Temple Gardin an autistic woman who overcame her challenges to become an incredible force of nature. I don’t remember the last movie I enjoyed as much and Clare Danes did a masterful job of playing the part. If you have access to HBO you do not want to miss this wonderful and inspirational movie. It’s a five star on my critics list.

Now it’s Sunday and I’m still coughing and wheezing a little but definitely on the mend. As I do most mornings I checked in on the net to see what’s been going on over night and I ran into a really scary video clip that was posted on a thread that I follow. It’s about these little robots the Air Force has invented. You should take a look at it just to inform yourself that this technology exists and is out there. Air Force Bug Bots

Well, that's it for this week. Photography or no, never a dull moment at Dancing Deer.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography