29 April 2010

Spring Has Come Unsprung!

For the past week we have been having periodic rain showers. It was the "Spring showers bring May flowers" kind of thing. But, this morning it was just plain cold and snowing. It's typical rocky mountain weather and typical spring weather but it still takes me by surprise. Even the whitetail looked a little startled by the whole thing.

I always feel sorry for the deer because this cold and rainy weather will most likely continue on into May and that is when they drop their fawns. It seems like a cruel trick to serve these tiny newborns up into this cold wet world straight from the warm nest they have been gestating in. I often wonder how they survive, sometimes they don't.

But, the weather is mighty fickle around these parts. And maybe it will be warm and sunny when the wee ones come. I sure hope so.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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28 April 2010

Rainy Days and Rainbows 4-27-10

I had to make a business trip to the "big" city. I was lugging along some of my artwork so I had to leave Koty home. By way of an apology I bot him a new toy one of those ones with a squawk box in it, big mistake. He nearly drove me nutz but he did wear himself out, eventually.

It rained most all of the day but at exactly 8:49 pm there was a break in the weather and this happened.

Rainbow Over Dancing Deer by Kinsey Barnard
Rainbow Over Dancing Deer by Kinsey Barnard

Honest to Pete I have never seen such a vibrant rainbow in my life.

It had an enormous arc that I could not get entirely in the frame.

It must have lasted ten minutes. I don't think my photos really do the real thing justice but there it is.

After the rainbow show the sunset was pretty tame but still colorful and lovely. There was a lot more ray action in the real deal.

April Sunset by Kinsey Barnard
April Sunset by Kinsey Barnard

Oh, what a dull boring place in which I live. It's a rotten job but somebody has to do it! ;)

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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27 April 2010

A Walk in the Woods 4-27-10

Today was truly glorious, sunny with great billowy clouds and around 65 degrees. My idea of heaven.

Been trying to get things put together here at the ranch. Lots to do in the spring. Hooked up the solar gate and got the old lawn tractor operational. It takes me about four and a half hours to mow my "lawn". Chopped wood for an hour and decided it was time to play.

Off to the woods we went. Had my second wildflower siting. But, I don't know what it is. I find that when I try to identify flowers from other people's photos they look nothing like mine. If anyone knows what these are please chime in.

Sure is handy that I live in the Kootanai National Forest because all I have to do to get there is walk out my front gate. It never ceases to amaze me how you can walk the same path thousands of times and still come up with new things to observe. Today I found two interesting gentlemen. This first one was embedded in a burl. To me the design looks like a forest troll. You have to get your face away from your computer screen to really be able to see it.

Wood Troll by Kinsey Barnard
Wood Troll by Kinsey Barnard

The second fellow I found was in some Ponderosa bark. He looks like a one-eyed jack to me. Not too handsome, very grumpy but interesting nonetheless. He looks like he's having a bad day maybe. Again, lean back.

One Eyed Jack by Kinsey Barnard
One Eyed Jack by Kinsey Barnard

This last photo is another of my rock designs. Make that Nature's rock designs. This one is kind of ethereal. It looks to me as though it could have been taken whilst skin diving i.e. underwater. I'm sure it was underwater at one time.

Far and Away by Kinsey Barnard
Far and Away by Kinsey Barnard

This last image a friend sent to me. Goodness but does it make me nostalgic. Seems the prices of things have gone up ten times whilst the quality is one tenth. Man what I wouldn't give for a 1950's diner hamburger and chocolate shake!

Well, that sums up this day. It was another winner!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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25 April 2010

Moose Encounter in Montana

Today was another work in the woods day. I did pretty well I cut up seven trees. Course, I had already removed the limbs this winter so it takes a lot less time. My back is killing me! The pile below is just one tree.

I wasn’t going to post to this site today but I am compelled. Whilst I was toiling away with my chainsaw I had a wonderful encounter with Mildred the Moose and Earl, Jr. Mildred and a much smaller Earl dropped by last fall. Came right up to the house and looked in the picture window. I’m fairly certain it the same cow and calf.

I was taking a break when I heard thrashing and crashing. This is always a sign that something big is close by. I looked but didn’t see anything so I went back to my sawing. About ten minutes later I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. And, there, about fifty feet away was a mother moose and her yearling just moseying by. I turned off the saw and watched. Then I called out “Hello, mama!” They stopped to look at me. The animals always do. I gave them my special salute. It was a truly magical moment. They stood there for several minutes and something passed between us.. Mother Nature really loves me this week, a mountain lion and moose encounter in the same week?

Sorry, there are no photos. There never is when encounters with big game take place at my ranch. In this life one must make choices, have priorities. I cannot be a photographer and at the same time be in the moment with these wondrous creatures. Being in the moment with the wildlife in the privacy of my ranch, is for me, worth a thousand award-winning, moneymaking photographs. The images of these intimate moments will live with me until the day that I die. That is all the reward I will ever need.

But I do want to share with you my favorite moose photograph. Sure wish I had that big boy down here to help me with the logging! This is my My Favorite moose photo.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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24 April 2010

Rendezvous- Eureka, Montana

Every spring Eureka, Montana celebrates what is called "Rendezvous". In the early days Rendezvous was a time, in the spring, when white men and indigenous people got together to trade goods and tall tales. It was a time to celebrate having survived another hard winter and looking forward to the bounty spring would soon bring.

My favorite part of this celebration has always been the black powder shoot.  People dress in authentic costume and shoot black powder weapons.

Even the women get on on the shooting and costuming.

Over the years many, more modern activties have been added, hot rods, motorcycles etc. It seems to me the authentic themes are going the way of the Dodo Bird even up here in the far north. But, such is the way of the world.

I had to go into town so I decided to drop by the shoot. As usual I ended up with more shots of the landscape than of the people.

There's just nothing like the big sky of Montana.

Rendezvous-Eureka Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Rendezvous-Eureka Montana by Kinsey Barnard

Got a little tepee happy but you must admit. It was awfully beautiful!

Tepees and Rainbows by Kinsey Barnard
Tepees and Rainbows by Kinsey Barnard

There is also a parade downtown. Downtown consists of about four blocks. It gets way too peoplefied for me but on the way to the post office I was treated to this scene coming down the highway.

It occurs to me that if the world comes unglued things will go on just fine in this part of the world. We live so close to the time that once was the transition would be seamless in many respects.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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23 April 2010

Mountain Lion Encounter-Grave Creek Montana

Once a week I take a hike with a dear friend of mine. Since I spend so much time not in the company of humans it is a very important day for me lest I lose all my social skills. This day we decided to drive up Grave Creek Road which takes one into the Ten Lakes Scenic Area. We were curious to see how far we could get before running into the snow line.

We parked the car about ten miles in and walked as far as Clarence Creek before we hit snow. Clearly it will still be awhile before we can get to the lakes. We turned around and marched back down the mountain. When we got back to the car I said "Let's walk down a little further.", which we did. Shortly after passing the car Koty started pulling on his harness and acting like a crazy man. He'd been a whiny brat all day so I didn't really think that much of it.

We walked maybe three quarters of a mile before heading back up the mountain. Normally, when I'm in the woods, I am alone and very attuned to my surroundings. I often spot wildlife before Koty. But, when I'm with my friend I end up chattering like a magpie and paying absolutely no attention to what's going on around me.

As we were walking back to the car I was expounding on who the heck knows what, I have a theory about most everything. Suddenly my friend says "What's that?" I look up the road, maybe a seventy yards away, and I see a figure I can't quite make out standing not twenty feet behind the car. At first I thought it was a wolf. But then the coat was so dark I thought it might be a bear cub. I quickly snapped off a couple of shots.  Even looking through my 300mm lens I still couldn't quite make out what it was.  The animal just stood there looking at us until I started to move toward it. Then it scampered back down the bank toward the creek. It wasn't until we were back in the car out of the glare that we could clearly see what it  really was. Below is what we saw looking right at us.

No wonder Koty was having such a fit. He could smell this cat and knew it was quite near. Normally, I would have been on red alert based on Koty's beahvior alone but as I said this was my attention MIA day.

The rest of the day was anti-climactic but I still have a couple of nice photos I'll share. When we got back to the valley floor we went over to the campground. The below photo was taken from the bridge.

Over at the campground we puttered around in the rocks and boulders along the creek. I just love this stuff. The designs are to die for.

Intergalactic by Kinsey Barnard
Intergalactic by Kinsey Barnard-----Loaded to Gallery

Here's another on I call "Moonstruck" because it looks to me like craters in the moon.

Moonstruck by Kinsey Barnard
Moonstruck by Kinsey Barnard-------Loaded to Gallery

Well, this certainly wasn't a day I will soon forget. These are the days that I live for. These are the days when I know I am truly alive. These are the days that I bow down and give thanks for the inestimable privilege to live in this magical place!

©Kinsey Barnard Photograpy

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22 April 2010

Ginette Callaway- A Modern Day Monet

Today I'm doing something a little bit different. I turn away from me, my life and my work to share with you the life and work of a fine impressionist artist.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I discover an artist that has the "Wow" factor. As anyone familiar with me knows, Monet and his impressionist paintings have been a major inspiration in my life. I'm am openly addicted to color and free spirits. In Ginette's and work I found lots of Monet and plenty of WOW. Since we have become acquainted I have also found a free spirit. Ginette is full of positive energy as are her paintings.

What follows is the story of Ginette's journey so far in her own words.

"I was born in Alsace France to a French Father and A German Mother.
My life throughout has been influenced by the fact that I have a multi-cultural background and am blessed with an inquisitive and adventures personality.

I moved to the US in 1987 (with very limited language skills) after hitting English language books, I found a job working in nutritional counseling for three years, until I got my foot in the door of the music industry in Atlanta Georgia.
I began taking pictures for a local record label and do design work for them as well on a freelance basis. I wrote songs that have been published, some recorded by blue artists like Joey Gilmore.

My desire to become a full time visual artist led me to take classes drawing at the Clayton College and then I was spurred on by my teacher who told me that I had a natural talent and that I should start painting, which I did.

I decided to pour myself in to painting, studying masters, reading, practicing and so on. For income sake I keep my part time graphics design job and do some administrative work as well for a local record label. I also take photos of the artists and do all the airbrushing for CD covers. Sometimes I get paid to be a judge for an art show in the surrounding area.

I call myself an introverted extrovert, because as much as I have fun and can be the live of the party, I prefer to be alone with my animal and lose myself in painting. I can remain in my studio and not go anywhere except my garden, for weeks. Spending decades in the entertainment industry has given me an appreciation for solitude!

From the time I was born till the age of six I lived in France, then we moved to Germany so I could go to school there, it was scary because I mostly spoke French at that time. From the age of 15 to 19 I worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry first as an apprentice for three years and then in sales. During those years I also attended business school. The educations system is a bit different in Germany. If you don’t go to university you can get a good apprentice ship with a good company and graduate with a degree as long as you have good grades in school.

My grand father had worked for this Pharmaceutical company for 28 years so it was a given that I would start there as well from the ground up, but I was unhappy. Sales weren’t really my cup of tea. At that time I wanted to be a photographer. But I did what was expected of me and it wasn’t until two decades later that I freed myself from that and finally followed my dreams.

From the age of 19 to 29 I lived in Frankfurt Germany and worked for CBS records in sales. During that time I also traveled a lot, today I often use those travel destinations as subjects of my paintings.

Today I live in Georgia over the last 20 years I traveled to many places in the US from the Great Lakes to Galveston and many in between and let’s not forget the Bahamas which I visited a few times, but most travel is now in the South East. That gives me much to paint about.

I don’t have much time for traveling right now but I hope that will change some day again and I may do some plain air painting trips. The truth is I can’t bear to give my cats to anyone to take care off. I would worry myself to death. If I can only figure a way to take them with me, but four cats… all rescues, and all attached to me like glue, any suggestions?

Sometimes I paint scenes from the recording studio or artists that I know, but I don’t do many of them. My forte is nature and everything in it and that gives me the most satisfaction. Glitter and nightlights give me a break from it sometimes and remind me just how wonderful nature is. Sometimes I paint botanical and healing plants as I call them. When I became an apprentice in this pharmaceutical wholesale company at the age of 15 in Germany, it awakened my interest in healing plants.
Actually one my first impression was when I learned that the active ingredient in Aspirin is a chemical compound from the Willow Tree Bark.
My training, which was part of the apprenticeship, taught the direct connection about plants the synthetic drugs we use today. Even earlier as a young child, I learned from my grand father during our many walks in the forests of Germany, that the Foxglove (Digitalis) has the potent chemical that was used in heart medicines. He warned me about not touching the plant the same with certain mushrooms. Those impressions never left me and are still in my head and my heart and I paint from that. You could say I am a naturalist.

When I was about 21 I bought a horse as a rescue that was about to be sold to the butchers. There is a long story to that, it belonged to my beloved riding teacher Bruno and when he passed it was a blow to me. The only thing left to do was keep his precious Oberst from being killed. My riding skills weren’t there yet to really manage that horse, or so the “in crowd” said. They snickered behind my back and seemed to be waiting for a disaster. They even set up sprinklers in the arena when I went out there, knowing my horse would be spooked. Oberst and I found us some new accommodations with friendly people and the miracle was that Oberst and I bonded and under me he wasn’t the same “hard to ride” horse that many knew. I used the Tellington Touch method to address some of his fear issues and we had some wonderful years together.

When I left for America I gifted him to a good friend who was a great rider and good person I knew he would take care of him. When I left Germany at the age of 30 I left everything behind, my grand parents, my horse, my brothers, my mother, my friends most of my books, my record collection and everything I knew. Leaving your country and way of live is very hard, I know that from experience. Because of that I feel for anyone who is displaced especially if their lifestyle is bonded to the land and when you lose that that is very painful, but I am a survivor and more than that I don’t believe that there are any coincidences.

So I knew that my new life in America had lots in store for me and I had to take it all in and that there was a reason for me to be here.

Luckily my adventurous personality and can do attitude helped me to weave in the fabric of America. Today I can honestly say I am truly happy here! The country is amazing, the land, nature and everything in is splendid!

Horses are part of my soul. When I am dead, I want my ashes to be scattered among the American Mustangs. I try to paint Horses many times, technically I am good at it, but every time I do I get very melancholy and it’s hard to even write about that. Especially when I get to paint the eyes, my thoughts wonder off and I find myself in a sad place, as if I am lost, as if I belong somewhere else. It is unexplainable, I have always had a strong emotional reaction to horses and anyone who knows how level headed and cool I usually am would be surprised. I think my heart belongs in to the spirit world of the horse."

Below is my favorite Callawy.

Lily Pond Reflections Original Painting by Ginette by Ginette Callaway
Lily Pond Reflections Original Painting by Ginette Callaway

For a little European flair as well as emotion I particularly like this French landscape.

My Country Road Home - Dreams of My Youth by Ginette Callaway
My Country Road Home - Dreams of My Youth by Ginette Callaway

You can view more of Ginette's work at her Etsy store where she where she offers original oil paintings

Or you can view and purchase her collection of beautiful impressionist prints.

If you are a fan of impressionist art you will certainly become a fan of Ginette's. I encourage you to visit her sites and see for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

©Kinsey Barnard Phtography

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21 April 2010

Trillium-My First Montana Wildflower for 2010

Koty and I mozied over to the West Kootenai yesterday. The West Kootenai is on the west side of the Koocanusa in the Kootenai National Forest. You'll notice I spend a lot of time in the Kootenai National Forest. This is not hard to do because the forest encompasses 2.2 million acres and I have to go a long way from home to get out of it.

Today was the day that I made my first wildflower siting and it was a white trillium. They are typically the first guys to arrive, blooming from March to May.

The Forest Service has been control burning in the area so it was kind of smokey. I really don't get the Forest Service thinking.  Open burning starts the first of March but they don't start "control" burning until it's nice and dry and warm. And then they just go off and leave the fires burning and unattended. Smokey the Bear would have a fit! Trust me on this, Forest Service "control burns" quite frequently go out of control and I honestly do not wonder why.

My mission was to check out Arnold's Pond but there was barely any water in it and very little of interest. So, I figures to go further on and visit Dodge Creek. Here's a good lesson on why you must always take the shot when it comes your way. Never, ever say "Oh, I'll get it later". The photo below I took last year.

Dodge Creek - Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Dodge Creek - Montana by Kinsey Barnard

Nice photo I think. But, check out what it looked like yesterday!

We ended up taking a walk down FS 303. I wanted to walk to Young's Creek but the old ankle started squawking and I had to turn back after only a couple of miles. I didn't have my map with me but I think I was quite close. I'll have to go back and check it out. I couldn't resist taking this self-portrait. LOL! I look like a plump stump!

I also found on the road before me this little caterpillar. He was traversing the road when I found him but when I stuck my camera in his face he promptly showed me what he thought of my rudeness by curling up. Very clear body language message.

On the way home I stopped on the Rexford Bridge, I think that's what it's called, and took this photo. I thought it was a cool perspective. But, then I'm not paid to think. :)

So, that was our little junket to the West Kootenai. We'll be coming back real soon!

Check out The Liberated Photographer

©Kinsey Barnard Phtography

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19 April 2010

Fir Crying Out Loud!

Today was a work in the woods day. I chose to tackle a huge fir tree. I think it was more like it tackled me. The thing must have been fifty feet long and had  branches the size of small trees.

The uneven ground didn't do my sprained ankle any good that's a for sure. Hard to believe it's been over two weeks since I took the spill. I was hoping to be back to normal by now. It doesn't appear meant to be. The picture below is me getting frustrated and taking a break. Of course, my person is absent because I have to take the picture. Probably just as well.

I got the beast of a tree limbed up and chopped up until there was about fifteen, sixteen feet left. Then I gave up! Man not even one tree to my credit today. Crikey!

I'm going to have to come back and finish this bad boy off next work day. What a disappointment not to even get on tree finished.

Course then there's my helper who mostly naps in the shade whilst I toil away. I can't even get the turkey to take pictures for me!

But, in all my stumbling around I did stumble onto some very cool natural designs. Below is a photo of an insect or worm that worked on this old fir leaving behind an incredible artwork in it's wake. What you see are actually the tubes that the worms work around in.

This next photo the tubes have been knocked off leaving intriguing tunnel designs. This one looks to me like some science fiction creature with many arms and legs. Human artists would have a hard time making this stuff up!

The last beauty that I discovered was some kind of fungus growing on an old  moss covered stump. Looks like a big old clam shell or maybe some forest troll poking it's head out of it's mossy home with a smile on it's face?

It's hard to believe I have lived, worked and explored this land for eight years and still I discover things I've never seen before.

Awesomely, beautiful day today. Spring has sprung and the grass is turning green. It's great working in the woods even if I don't get much work done!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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18 April 2010

Saturday Sojourn

Yesterday I spent the morning raking up pine cones, got lots of those, and cutting up yet another big old larch that had fallen prey to insects and wind. I'm generally only good for one or two trees. It's a lot of very hard work, cutting one up and stacking the wood.

Koty, is no help. He just hangs around whining "When are we going for a hike?!" As usual I promised him we would "go". A lot of power in that tiny little word. Koty goes crazy when I say it. Such enthusiasm. Such joi de vivre.  I love him so. If you're not yet acquainted with Koty I wrote a little about My Best Friend a while back that may be of intrest.

Anyway, by the time I'm finished with my ranch work I am not hankering for a forty mile hike but a promise is a promise, and I do not break promises to my dog or anyone else. Late in the afternoon we headed up the mountain. Days are already long here in Montana. It doesn't really get dark until around nine. At this time of year I can work in the morning, have lunch, take a nap and then go all over again. It's like getting two days for the price of one. Which is good because at my age I need all the days I can get.

We took a route we have taken a thousand times before but the trip is never the same and I  always see something new an interesting. Ironically, the first interesting thing I saw was this rather handsome example of exactly what the larch I'd just cut up looked like at it's core.

My next discovery was lichen on some boulders. The boulders around here look like they come from a another planet. I'd forgotten how interesting they are to study.

Lichen on Boulder by Kinsey Barnard
Lichen on Boulder by Kinsey Barnard****Click on photo to purchase

It's a well established fact that I am a bit daffy but I truly think this ancient rock is just beautiful, so intricate and delicate of design. I seem to be on a real roll here with natural designs? Check out my Natural Designs Gallery. There's some very interesting stuff in there.

Rock and Lichen by Kinsey Barnard
Rock and Lichen by Kinsey Barnard****Click on photo to purchase

An hour out was about all the energy I could muster but Koty was happy and so was I. What more could a country girl ask for?

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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16 April 2010

Pinkham Creek - Montana

In the Kootenai National Forest there are many creeks. I try to photograph as many as I can for each has it's own distinct beauty. Pinkham Creek is a local favorite for camping and fishing but at this time of year it is still deserted. As you can see there is some snow sticking around.

Koty, my Siberian Husky nearly gave me a heat attack on this junket. Koty is always on a 16 foot retractable leash attached to me by a belt. If he weren't on a leash he'd be in the next county before I could call his name. Such is the nature of huskies. Click here to see photos of "The Beast".

Anyway, whilst I was studying the scene below Koty went over the bank to get a drink in the creek. I didn't think anything of it until I looked down. Without my realizing, he had leaped off what turned out to be a nearly six foot ledge and there was no way he wanted to try and jump back up. I took a nasty spill over Easter and sprained my ankle quite badly so there was no way I wanted to jump down. I was barely gimping around as it was. A momentary bit of a panic ensued.

Thanks be to the gods I had recently bought him a harness to use instead of a collar. After much cajoling I was able to get him to take a leap at the ledge where he got a tiny grip on the lip of the ledge and I was able to haul him up by the harness. That wasn't easy either, he weighs in at 65 pounds. This kind of excitement I can do without! :)

As always I was looking for some special images that would portray the true beauty of the creek. I think I, as well as most people, are drawn to the effects of water flowing in slow motion.

What I like, in particular, about this image is the clarity above the fall showing the rocks under the water. Of course, everyone knows I am a bit daft but I could get lost in this photo for quite  time. Really, it's amazing that I'm not lost most of the time! Hmm, perhaps I am and don't know it!

The above photo is kind of a still life in motion. Of course that is a contradiction in terms but I think if you study on it you'll see what I mean.

Another point I would like to make is that I am frequently hearing people moaning about cloudy and/or rainy days keeping them from making good pictures. I say poppycock. Cloudy, rainy weather is awesome for getting deep and saturated color. Put on your raincoat and boots and get out there! It was showering the whole time on this shoot.

Be sure to check out The Liberated Photographer

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


14 April 2010

The Beauty of Fire.

As regular readers are aware, my second job is forest worker. I spend as much time as I can working on my forty acres of forest cleaning up after Mother Nature and she's been a devil this past year. Between the freak winds and the insect invasion I've got my hands full. I try to burn as I go along because I am very fearful of fire in the forest. I keep my piles small and easily manageable by one person.

Images of fire are the focus of this post. Look closely at the marvelous texture and design. It's really beautiful.

I had this downed Larch right outside my kitchen window and it was driving me nuts so yesterday I decided to get it taken care of.

The old dear had died from I really don't know what. The woodpeckers had certainly been after her carcass so maybe it was bugs. Whatever it was she had been weakened and had fallen in a wind. So, I got the old chainsaw out and limbed and cut her up for firewood. Larch is great firewood. As soon as I had enough slash I started my fire and hand fed it as I went along.

Once I've put all of the debris on the fire I have nothing to do but tend the fire until it's mostly burned out. It's not a boring time because it offers me the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of this place I call home. It's like a meditation.

As I stood leaning on my shovel I became mesmerized by the glowing coals and began to see all kinds of beautiful designs in the hot embers. I ran to the house for my camera in hopes I could capture some of what I was seeing. Fire is one of Nature's many dichotomies. It is at once beautiful and dangerous.

Dantes Inferno by Kinsey Barnard
Dantes Inferno by Kinsey Barnard

This last image I took some artistic license with. I'm addicted to color so every now and again I have to do some enhancement. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case I think it does. This image is offered for sale at Imagekind. If you click on the photo it will take you right there.

Now, isn't fire fascinating and beautiful?

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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