30 November 2007

Florence Beaches & Rainbows

Yesterday we took a really long walk from the north jetty toward Heceta Head. It was really great except that we got absolutely drenched. The rain really came down. I didn't mind so much because that beach had so much good stuff on it to smell. It was my kind of nose candy! There were also lots of other humans walking on the beach in the rain and they all had dogs! I had a great time meeting them all. This Oregon place is pretty darned dog friendly it seems to me.

After the rain storm passed there was a perfect rainbow. Too bad mom didn't have her wide angle lens so she could have gotten the whole thing. It was something!

Also, while we were out there we were buzzed by a coast guard helicopter. That was kinda cool!

It's been cold pretty. Well, not by Montana standards but this marine air is pretty cold even though the temperature isn't that low. We have had frost in the morning.

©Kinsey Barnard

28 November 2007

Florence, Loon Lake, Perpetua, Heceta, Yachats .....

Ok, my bad! I haven't been keeping up with

blogging! But, that's what happens when you're having too much fun.

We've done a lot of hiking and you know that makes me very happy. I can never get enough of that!

Sunday afternoon we wandered around the Port of Siuslaw which is in Florence. We also window shopped in "Old Town" which was fun cuz everyone had to make a fuss over me! Dang, if I'm not the handsomest fellow! :)

Since I last checked in we have been to Loon Lake, not very pretty in winter. The Dean Creek elk wildlife viewing place on the road over to Roseburg. I gotta say, the elk over here look like midgets compared to the ones we have in Montana. The funniest thing I saw was a seagull sitting on the sign that said "Watchable Wildlife". :)

Yesterday was the best. We were gone all day. We started out driving up the coast. Made a quick stop at Heceta Head but I wasn't even allowed out of the car so I guess there wasn't anything happening there. We continued on up to Cape Perpetua. Spent practically the whole time there. There are trails everywhere and we tried most of them. There are some really cool ones that go high up the mountain on the east side of 101 and have way good views of the ocean below.

Mom also spent a lot of time trying to photograph waves. Sounds like a stupid thing to do to me but, oh well. She musta taken a gazillion photos trying to get the "perfect" wave. How nutty is that? It must be hard though cuz she kept cussin and snapping! I thought she was going to wear that camera out! Me I was having fun watching those great big waves crash on the rocks and gettin in that foamy stuff they leave on the shore. There was also a blow hole that was really spouting. First time it went off I nearly jumped out of my skin!

From Perpetua we continued on up the coast to Yachats. It's a quaint little coastal town. We wondered around there for awhile and then headed back down the coast. We stopped in again at Heceta Head. Seems like we go in there every time we pass by. I have no idea why. Must be something mom is trying to capture.

Anyway, by the time we got back to Clementine it was nearly dark so we called it a day!

© Kinsey Barnard

24 November 2007

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Sea Lions, Beaches & Sunsets

First thing yesterday we took off for Heceta Head. It was a very beautiful morning. We stopped at the big viewing area on 101 for a distant view of Heceta Head Lighthouse. In the rocks below were a bazillion sea lions lazing on the rocks! Oh, boy I wanted to get down there!

We went on over to the lighthouse and walked up to it. Right there at the lighthouse is a trail that takes off up the mountain heading north. It's a really nice trail with some awesome views of the Pacific. We hiked about an hour before heading back down. By this time it was lunch so we headed for Clementine.

After lunch and a siesta we headed back to Heceta Head to see if the beautiful waves that were there the day before were back this afternoon but it was not to be.

We ended up the day at the jetties. And, it was an awesome sunset that we had! There were tons of people there watching it. This must be a very popular spot with the locals because it kinda looked like a sports event with all the people.
©Kinsey Barnard

23 November 2007


Well, we certainly hope you all had as nice a Thanksgiving as we did. We started the day with a visit to the Darlingtonia Botanical Gardens. So small is this garden we went right past it and ended up going the whole length of Sutton Lake. Oregon has this way of placing signs that completely befuddles my mom. Instead of having the signs in front of the turn, like everyone else on the planet, they have there's at the far side of the entrance . The result is mom is forever going past. Hopefully she'll get the hang of it one of these days!

We did finally find it. It's like two feet after you turn off 101. And, it's very, very tiny. The only stata park dedicated to one plant, the Darlingtonia Californica. This plant looks like something from the Day of the Trifids.

After Darlingtonia we stopped in at the Sutton River trail and walked along the river a couple of miles. We ran out of time and had to scamper back to Clementine to get ready for TG dinner.

Dinner was great! I was the center of attention, as usual. And, got spoiled rotten which is only right! Everyone was sneaking turkey to me under the table when mom wasn't looking. She has very strict rules about begging. Nanner! Nanner!

After dinner we all piled into the car and drove up to Heceta Beach. It was gorgeous up there and the perfect ending to the day. We are going back for some serious looking today.

21 November 2007

Newport to Florence, Honeyman Park & Lake Cleawox

Yesterday we packed up our gear, well I supervised, and headed down 101 to Florence. We have a cousin who lives there and we are going to spend Thanksgiving with her.

We were greeted with sunshine on our drive south. It was very pleasant. Mom commented that she thought this part of the Oregon coast was the most picturesque we had seen yet. But, we didn't stop for anything just steam rolled right to Florence. We be going back up to the spots we scoped over the next couple of weeks. There's alot to see here.

Basically, mom and her cousin Marilyn wasted the whole darned afternoon and I got zero hiking in. What a couple of chatty cathies!

Today wasn't much better. We went to Marilyn's for breakfast where another chatathon ensued. I was left to brood in the back of Shadow. They were afraid I might eat Leo the African parrot. Heh, heh, they mighta had a point! :)

Luckily, Marilyn had to go to Eugene to pick up her daughter Sarah and there wasn't room for all of us to go so mom had to take me out.

Just a little way south of Florence is a park called Honeyman Park. Goofy mom calls it honeybun. Anyway, we hiked for a couple of hours and the photos are of Lake Cleawox in that park. I almost caught something in the bushes along the lake. It was pretty big too but took off when I pounced. Always being on a leash my pouncing skills are greatly hampered! I think it coulda been a beaver because we saw several trees that had been felled by those rascals.

After Honeyman we went a little further south to the Tyler Dune Trailhead in the Dunes National Park. But, it is a fee park and it was late so mom didn't want to shell out. We did meet an very nice lady that told us where to go to get an annual pass. It was starting to add up all these entrance fees. Anyway, we went where the nice lady told us and got a year pass for $35. We'll get our monies worth for that one in no time. In fact, I dunno why mom didn't get one of those days ago! Duh!

After getting the pass we headed on home.

Until next time Lakota Sunrise

©Kinsey Barnard

19 November 2007

Rain, Boredom, South Beach & Yaquina Head

Well, yesterday was simply the pits! It rained the whole gol darned day. I mean it did not stop. Around noon even mom couldn't take it anymore so we piled in Shadow and headed north on 101. But, it was hopeless. After about an hour we headed back to Clementine and spent the rest of the day RV bound.

This morning there was a break in the clouds and we were all excited. Our first idea was to head south on 101 and ended up at South Beach, which is just a few miles past the Yaquina Bay Bridge. This is a great place for walking. When we started out everything was coming up sunshine not so long after we were pelted by hail and soaked through to the bone. So, soaked were we, we had to head back to Clementine and a change of clothes for mom.

After mom got a new set of clothes and I got a toweling we headed north on 101. We ended going to Yaquina Head which turned out to be a great place. There is the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, and way cool tide pools. Mom took a picture of herself in one with green anemone. She's a card. We also saw a bunch of Harbor Seals resting in the rocks. Then there was Jonathan Livingston Seagull parked on Shadow's head!

I had the best time poking around in the tide pools. I mean these are great ones. Just chock full of good sea stuff. El nose-o was in overdrive yet gain. If you are ever by this way, that would be around Newport, do not miss this stop! It is super deluxe!

We are now tucked away inside Clementine for the night and it's raining and blowing again. Clemmie is just rocking. But, this was another great day!

17 November 2007

Cannon Beach to Newport

Well, wow! I think I'm lucky to be alive! Ok, so that may be a little dramatic but it really was stormy coming down the coast and mom was white knuckling the steering wheel I guarantee you that. Old Clementine was swayin' and sashayin' down the highway like we were on the way to a dance. It took us about three hours to do a two hour drive. But, we are here and none the worse for the wear.

When we got into Newport we set ourselves up in the RV park and took a little walk around the area to check things out.

While we were walking we could hear sea lions barking and thought we needed to check them out. We jumped in Shadow and headed to where we thought the barking was coming from. We found ourselves in the old port which is pretty quaint. Well, quaint for two leggeds but fabulous for me. I am here to tell you; the smells, the incredible smells. Fish, bait I can't begin to tell you what all. It was fantastic! I was dragging mom along with reckless abandon. Nearly got myself sent to the car. Narrowly escaping punishment my nose took me into overdrive. But, gads it was great. We found the barkers and stopped to watch them lolly gagging on the pier. I had never seen anything like it. What I would have given to be able to mix it up with those big boys! We know that isn't going to happen.

We walked along the quay. There were lotsa shops and restaurants. And, naturally people made a great fuss over yours truly.

Mom was fascinated by the murals painted on the buildings. That's what the photos are of. She didn't even notice the marvelous smells. In fact, I even thought I saw her scrunch up her nose like she smelled something bad. Oh, well, no accounting for taste!

Can't hardly wait for tomorrows adventure! Art Prints

16 November 2007

Cannon Beach, Ecola Park, Stormy Weather!

Yesterday, it was really stormy. We drove down the coast a ways but it got so foggy we couldn't see our nose in front of our face so we turned back. We found out the road to Ecola Park was finally open and headed there but, it was raining and the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up. My beautiful fluffy tail was bent flat on my back, I kid you not. This was some serious wind. We finally threw in the towel and returned to Clementine.

It rained like crazy most of the night. You shoulda heard it on Clementine's roof. Sounded like somebody pouring buckets of nails on our head. Sheesh, hard for me to get my beauty sleep!

Things looked a little better this morning. It seemed like there was a break in the storm. We headed on over to Ecola Park again. It certainly was no sun shiny day but at least the wind had calmed down. We took the trail to Indian Beach. It's about 1.5 miles to the beach through a rain forest. Rain forests, of course do nothing for me but mom loves it. I could tell the elk had been through the night before and that got my attention. While mom gawked I tracked.

From Ecola we headed south again and got as far as Mo's. Which is a place supposed to be good for clam chowder. You'll have to ask mom how it was. I was left in the car as usual. I'm always getting left in the car at chow time. I wonder how comes is that?! How come they don't have restaurants dog's can go in?! I've got good table manners!

After mom, no doubt, made a pig of herself we headed north up the coast as it looked less socked in. We drove over to see the biggest Sitka Spruce in the US but it was kind of a yawner. The poor old thing has seen better days I should imagine. After the Spruce we headed up to Seaside. Mom stopped at the aquarium there but once again I got left in the car. Must not have been much cuz she wasn't gone very long.

After the aquarium we continued north and stopped in at Cullaby Lake. There wasn't a single soul there. We walked around and enjoyed the setting with just a few mallards for company. By this time mom had had enough for one day so we headed back to Clementine.

Until next time .....

©Kinsey Barnard

15 November 2007

Columbia River, Ilwaco & Cape Disappointment

We set out early for Astoria and missed it completely. I think mom needs one of those GPS thingies as we are forever setting out for one place and ending up in another!

The plan was to start in Astoria and work our way back to Cannon Beach. But, when we got to Astoria instead of going into town we ended up on Megler Bridge. This bridge takes you across the Columbia River and in to Washington. Never one to go backwards mom took a right and headed for Cape Disappointment. The trip was anything but!

Our first stop was Fort Columbia. The wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up. We didn't stay long. Everywhere we went there were downed trees from Monday's storm.

Next stop was Chinook Park. It was cold and windy but we braved the elements and walked along the beach. Beautiful views across the Columbia back at Oregon. We saw lots of cargo ships coming in from the open sea on to the river. Those big ships are so cool to watch.

We continued north, around Baker Bay, to Ilwaco. Ilwaco is a really neat fishing village. Everything was pretty much closed for the season but mom really likes that for her photography. We walked all around the village and I liked that!

From Ilwaco (pictured) we headed for Cape Disappointment. Our first stop was at Beard's Hollow. Very pretty. A beautiful bald eagle was perched in a tree. I was awesome. You can walk down a path to Long Beach. They are not kidding when they say "long"!

Next up was North Head Lighthouse (pictured). Beautiful views from this place. Then we drove down to the main gate of Cape Disappointment State Park. Looks like a very nice campground. We drove out to the North Jetty and mom got some shots of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

The day was pretty much shot by this time so we headed back to Oregon. No sooner did we get home than it started to pour. We had lucked out all day with the rain!

I couldn't link any photographs for you because they aren't ready yet and when it comes to her photography there ain't no rushin' my mom. She can be a real pain in the patookie, she is such a perfectionist!

Until next time ....


©Kinsey Barnard

13 November 2007

Sauvie Island/The Oregon Coast

Yesterday there was one heck of a storm that blew through Portland. We braved the elements and went to Sauvie Island. There is a wildlife refuge there but it was closed, except to hunters. We wandered the roads but the good stuff was in the closed area. I can only imagine what a great time I would have hiking in this place. I really hope mom comes back sometime when it's open. It rained and the wind blew a gale the whole time. But, apparently, it was nothing compared to what was going on over on the coast where they were getting gusts up to 100 mph.

Bright and early this morning we hit the road for the coast. Mom nearly had a nervous breakdown trying to navigate the route to Hwy 26. Mom says the interchanges around Portland are the most confusing she has ever seen. We took a few wrong turns but finally made it to 26.

The drive over to the coast is very pretty. Once we got here we found that lotsa stuff is closed because of the storm. Ebola Park for one. It's supposed to be an awesome place for views. Mom took me down to the beach for a run. Golly, it was fabulous. I just went crazy running every whicha way. I really like the beach!!! You can see from the photo that the waves were still pretty heavy. After my frolic we drove up the coast towards Astoria. Every place mom tried for a hike was closed because of the storm and fallen trees. Well, maybe we will have better luck tomorrow!

Until next time ...

©Kinsey Barnard

12 November 2007

Waterfalls and Waterfowl in the Columbia Gorge

Yesterday was a great day! We were out photographing and hiking most of it. Makes my day and makes mom's too!

We started off at Bridal Veil Falls and Bridal Veil Creek and then on down the road to Wahkeena Falls and Wahkeena Creek . Mom muta been off her game because she didn't get shots of either of these falls that she liked.

From Wahkena we went to Multnomah Falls . I couldn't believe how many tourists there were for November. I think everyone on the planet must visit these falls.

From Multnomah we headed east along the Columbia Gorge to the Bridege of the Gods just above the Bonneville Dam. Then we headed west again toward Vancouver. Shortly after crossing the bridge mom scoped a Great Blue Heron wading in a pond. So, naturally, that was a stop.

Photography Prints

Mom had been promising me a hike all day so when we came upon the Pacific Crest Trail we stopped for jaunt. Seems like everywhere you hike around here it's beautiful. The rain forest is so plush. Didn't see anything particularly interesting just a nice hike. As you know, anytime I'm hiking, I'm liking!

After our hike we continued down the north side of the gorge and quickly saw some Canada Geese . The geese looked like they were floating on a pool of mercury. Really pretty cool.

There are some very nice viewpoints of the river from this road. We eventually found our way to Vancouver and home again.

For dinner we met up with one of mom's old friends. Of course, I got stuck in the car as usual. How come nobody has dogie diners?

And that was our day!


©Kinsey Barnard

10 November 2007

Spokane, Spokane River, Hat Rock

Thursday Clementine went in for her check up. It didn't take long cuz she didn't have anything wrong besides a few adjustments here and there.

In the afternoon we took a walk along the Spokane River. It surely must have been beautiful during the turning of the leaves. The river was just teeming with mallards and Canadian honkers.

Friday we had one of THOSE days. Well, mom had the day I was just along for the ride.

Around noon we headed out for Milton Freewater but we never got there. Mom got all tangled up at the tri-cities and we ended up in a place called Hermiston, nowhere near Milton Freewater.

It was getting pretty late and I could tell mom was pooped. She pulled over to try and find an RV park in her handy dandy Good Sam directory and ended up getting one at Hat Rock state park. As we pulled out of the place we stopped to make the call Clementine did some rocking and rolling. The overhead doors blew open and all our food went flying. Poor mom.

We found the park. The water had been turned off for the winter and the place smelled like dog urine. Course, I loved that but mom wouldn't let me hang around outside because of it.

When we got up the next morning it was raining cats and frogs. But, mom had promised me a walk and walk we did. The Hat Rock state park is probably really pretty but it was kinda gray today. Hat Rock might be pretty interesting on another kind of day.

After our morning walk we headed for Portland on 84 along the Columbia River. Man that is a big river and boy does the wind blow through that gorge. We saw a guy on a surf board getting pulled by what looked like a para glider chute. That guy was going so fast!

Mom wasn't taking any chances this time. She had researched a park near Portland and made a reservation. That's where I am right now.

We took a walk along the Columbia River after we got set up. It was a beautiful afternoon. Marred only by a rude driver that flipped mom the bird because she was just doing the speed limit on Marina Drive. I thought people in Oregon were supposed to be nice?!

Until next time ....

©Kinsey Barnard

07 November 2007

We Have Launched!

Without preamble; we have begun our winter journey.

I'm going to have to be careful with my posts. I just got told by my aunt Jane that my typos and grammar are appalling. Woe is me. :)

Really, I am going to try harder.

Anyway, we set off at about 9:00 am. Believe it or not there was very little bloodshed this time. I think mom is beginning to get the hang of this RV'ing thing. The drive along Lake Koocanusa was so very beautiful, an auspicious beginning

 Tonight we are in Spokane. It's raining. It took us five hours to get here as we kinda just cruised along in no particular hurry.

Tomorrow Clementine gets a check-up. Hopefully, mom will take me somewhere cool whilst Clemmie is being worked over.

Until next time ...

©Kinsey Barnard

03 November 2007

Everything you ever need to know about Siberian Huskies

Alrighty then. Mom is all involved in getting ready for Wednesday's launch so I thought I would like to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart, Siberian Huskies.

Siberians are a wonderful breed. Our beauty is unparalleled. But, our beauty can be our curse. You see, huskies require a lot of management. Way too many huskies end up at the pound or at husky rescue because people didn’t fully understand what they were getting into. Incidences of this happening really sky rocket following the release of motion pictures like “Snow Dogs” and “Eight Below”. I beg you to resist the urge until you truly understand what’s involved.

Siberians are defined as “high energy dogs” and “not reliable off lead”. These are not words they are truths. Siberians are working dogs. We want and need work, or something akin to it, in order to expend the energy. If you can’t give your dog, at least, and hour of serious exercise every single day don’t get a husky.

Siberians were born to run. Just let us off the leash and we are gone. We don’t know or care where. We are just going. Now, not every Siberian does this but the ones that don’t are the exception. Yes, we will come home. If we have not been mauled, shot, hit by a car or stolen. If you would find it a real pain to always have to have your dog on a leash, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are pack animals. We do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. When we are we get into mischief and we can get mental. Digging is one of our very most favorite pastimes. If everyone in the household is gone all day and you’re too tired when you get home to socialize with your dog, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are prey animals. We are so close to our wolf ancestors it isn’t funny. We will chase anything that runs and most likely kill it if we catch it. We don’t mean anything by it. It is simply in our nature. We can be trained to recognize other pets as part of the pack but, for most of us, it will require training. If you can’t or don’t have time to train your dog to integrate with the existing pack, don’t get a husky.

Siberians are very independent. Mom says we are more like cats than dogs. If you are looking for a dog that will always fawn all over you no matter what, don’t get a husky.

Siberians love people. We were bred to love people and we are pretty indiscriminate about it. It was a sort of natural selection. A long time a go, in Siberia, humans and animals had to co-habitate in very small places. The winters were so harsh nothing could survive without shelter. So, if any dog showed aggression toward a human it was put out and that was the end of it. You cannot undo centuries of conditioning. We are more likely to invite a burglar in than warn you of his presence. However, all bets are off if you seriously threaten our pack. If you are looking for a watchdog, don’t get a husky.

OK, now that I’ve told you all the negatives let me tell you the good stuff. We ARE beautiful no doubt about that. We do love our pack members even if sometimes we don’t show it because our attention is elsewhere. You will not find a smarter dog anywhere Of course this sometimes can be a bit of a problem. ☺ And, talk about sunny disposition. Well, we invented it. If we get our required exercise and companionship you will not ever know a happier dog. We can make you happy just by showing you our innate love and joy of life and living.

If you are considering a Siberian be honest with yourself. Reflect on the things I have said. Be sure you understand what it takes be a husky guardian. If you aren’t comfortable with anything I’ve noted please don’t get a husky. Buy a photo instead. Or you can just look at my magnificent self in my personal gallery.

If you know of someone thinking about getting a husky please link them here so they can read it too.

On behalf of Siberians everywhere and in the future, thank you for taking time to read my post.

Until next time .....


©Kinsey Barnard