21 July 2010

Blackfeet Pow Wow - 2010 - Feathers

These are just a few of the beautiful feathers pieces to be seen at the Blackfeet Pow Wow.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

20 July 2010

Blackfeet Pow wow - July 2010


Elder dancer at the 2010 Blackfeet Pow wow.

This gentleman was so very regal. Not only was his costume beautiful but also his countenance as he performed his dance.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

19 July 2010

The Forest Floor-Kootenai National Forest-Montana


I can remember my mother always saying "Watch where you put your feet".

So, I always try to be aware of what's under them lest I fall and break my crown, or worse, miss some exotic and beautiful site.

This image is of the floor of the Kootenai National Forest. What we have here are raindrops caught in a spider web. I don't know of any artist who could have staged these elements so beautifully. Of course, the fact that it is Mother Nature's art that makes it all the more alluring to me.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

18 July 2010

Blackfeet Nation-Lords of the Plains

Need I say more?

Was over to the Blackfeet pow wow last weekend. Hopefully will have some good images of the event.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

04 July 2010

Happy Fourth of July From Dancing Deer

We've been at the ranch all week working on several projects long over due. It's been colder than a well digger's behind this past week but gads it is beautiful. Along with the cool has come lovely rains and the grass is greener and more lush than I have ever seen it. The wildlife against this backdrop is beyond beautiful. Yesterday I had so many bucks passing through it was just amazing. The bucks are still in velvet and they are a ways away from full racks but there are going to be some beauties.

One of the things the deer come for is the clover, deer love it.  Clover grows everywhere around here and of course I have salted the place as well. When clover blooms it makes a very pretty flower.

Then there was the robin that took up residence on top of my outside sun screens. Lucky for me it's been too cool to need them because I would certainly have been out of luck! It won't be long now as the babies are now thriving and growing like weeds. And, just in time too as I think the warm weather may be just around the corner.

The little female grouse below was just posing on this rock for me. Grouse are really funny birds. I often joke that you don't need a gun to hunt them. You could just as easily get one tossing a stone and save your ammunition. Of course, I wouldn't do either unless I was starving.

Speaking of wildlife this year a little cinnamon black bear has taken up residence in the area and comes to visit a least once a week. I have named her Cindi after my oldest and dearest friend. I don't really know if it's a female or not but "she" is quite small. I reckon she is either one or two. Anyway she came to call yesterday and got up in a plum tree and was looking awfully cute. I don't know why she was up there except just for the fun of it because there is no fruit this time of year.

One of my most favorite wild flowers is the wood lily. Normally, these beauties bloom in June but I guess that the cooler than normal weather has kept them back as they are just starting to bloom now. In this photo you can see the raindrops on the petals.

This last, I'm not sure if it's a wildflower or a weed. It's growing in my meadow and whatever it is it is very pretty.

So, that's what it was like this week at Dancing Deer.

Koty and I wish you all a great Fourth of July!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography