28 August 2014

Dickey Lake

On our way down to the Flathead we stopped in at Dickey Lake. Dickey is one of Kinsey's favorites because of the color of the water.  It is very gorgeous. They say the color comes from glacial waters. If I didn't know I was in Montana I'd think I was in the tropics.

Dickey Lake

The wind was kicking up a bit. When it's totally calm it's even more beautiful as the light refracts off the water. This is a great kayaking lake too. The water is crystal clear.

Crystal clear water at Dickey Lake

The shoreline goes from primitive to developed. Since the Canadian dollar has gained so much strength against the US dollar Canadians have invaded the place building great big homes on the shore. Oh, well, nothing lasts forever.

Canadian invader

We spied this interesting outfit on the south end of the lake. The south end is a known nesting spot for loons so this guy is either doing research or something very illegal. You can't see it, cuz the photos so small, but there's a golden lab on board.

Squatter on Dickey Lake
I wish Kinsey would figure out some way to take me along with her when she kayaks. Her kayak is to small for the both of us and she can't get a bigger one because she couldn't handle it alone. Maybe she could figure out something to tow? It would have to be fairly stable cuz I'm still no fan of swimming.

If any of my readers has an idea about how I can go kayaking too please let me know and I'll pass it along to Kinsey. I would be forever in your debt.

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

21 August 2014

Walk Along the Tobacco River

Yesterday Kinsey and I took a walk along the Tobacco River, from the village of Eureka, MT to Pigeon Bridge.

It's really amazing how much wildlife you can run into on this trail. Kinsey has run across moose, black bears, elk, deer, and all kinds of water fowl including osprey and bald eagles. She says this is her favorite photo taken on this trail. Canada Goose & Gosling

We didn't see anything as exciting as a bear or moose. Course, squirrels excite me. We did see a golden eagle, a mallard family, osprey and some elk.

Osprey perched high in a tree top

I'm gonna have to get over this squirrel thing. This female elk was right in on our path and I didn't even notice her. When our presence finally spooked her two big bulls came bounding out of the brush and ran after her. Kinsey was only carrying her little Panasonic point and shoot so there wasn't any chance of photographing them. It was pretty to see though.

Female Elk
I don't know why taking photos of stuff just lying there doing nothing fascinates Kinsey but for some reason it does. I mean seriously what's up with this picture? She gets final editing say so .....

I'm shilling for Kinsey's blog. Check it out.

Well that's it from here!

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

13 August 2014

My Mom Knew Clark Gable

Here is the link to a kind of a cool story that my mom Kinsey Barnard wrote about Clark Gable. She actually knew him. Which pretty much tells you she's a old duffer. :)

If you'd like to read it just follow this link Clark Gable the King of Hollywood

06 August 2014

Naked Girl

Gee whiz, if my dog grooming nightmare wasn't enough of an insult now Kinsey is calling me "Naked Girl". I mean seriously how would you like it if someone yelled at you "Hey, naked girl!"?

Do I look naked?

I thought I had heard the last of my many names back in September but nope. You may recall she has called me Buddha Baby because I can sit quietly for long periods of time. Or, Ling Ling because when I'm racing around through the woods I look like a panda bear. Or, Pond Scum Puppy because I smell like pond scum after I've been swimming in the ponds.

But, oh no. She's still at it. Before the dog grooming nightmare Kinsey was calling me Stinky Butt. She even went so far as to make an appointment with the vet to check my bottom glands.  But, she cancelled that when she found out gland check was included in the grooming. I did not have a gland problem. The stinky was caused by stuff getting hung up in all the thick hair I have back there. Believe it or not last winter when it was well below zero my poopies would freeze to my hair before they could fall to the ground. Kinsey had to cut them out.

But, this latest one Naked Girl. It's just too much!

Look at me! I'm cute!
Will someone please try and talk some sense into her before I go crackers?!

Needing your help, I am
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard