08 December 2015

I've Been Abandoned

My typist and photographer has pretty much abandoned me. She has gotten it into her head that she wants to learn how to paint. And, when she gets worked up about something there's no stopping her.

This entry is just to say I probably won't be posting here that much, at least until this painting insanity blows over. There's not all that much going on right now anyway. It's raining here in Northwest Montana to the point that we have flood warnings in effect. That's a first. Usually, by this time everything is frozen solid.

If I can get her to do anything with me I'll make her post it. Until then, if you want you can read the blog she started about her painting, you will find it here www.followingmyart.blogspot.com

Meanwhile Boo Hoo for me!

Cio for now,

Molly Montana