31 December 2008


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30 December 2008


Tucson, Arizona 12-30-08

Our forefathers were so wise why have we chosen to forsake them?

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous then standing armies.
If the Americans ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency.
The banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive
the people of their property until their children wake up homeless on the
Continent their fathers conquered" --- Thomas Jefferson

It was another beautiful day in Tucson. Must have maxed out at around 75. I checked in on the Eureka web-cam and it was 14. Uhmmm, I think I like 75 better.

The news wasn’t so hot again today. The Israelis and the Palestinians were hard at it. I just can’t figure out how that mess is ever going to get settled.

Here are some figures I stumbled on as regards the National Debt. They will watered my eyeballs. The National Debt. And, here’s a companion piece that suggests Bernard Madoff was very small potatoes The Dollar Ponzi Scheme.

The markets were in their usual pre-holiday range of boredom. The main averages managed to close up even though consumer confidence fell through the floor. Consumer Confidence Lowest on Record.

This quote from they article made me laugh out loud. “The Consumer Confidence Index measured by the Conference Board, a private research group, fell to 38 in December from a revised 44.7 in November. That is its lowest point since the group began compiling the index in 1967, and below the previous low of 38.8 in October. Economists surveyed by Thomson Reuters had expected the index to rise incrementally to 45.” Let’s hear it for those economists! They really know their stuff. They are so wrong so much of the time they could almost be used as contrary indicators i.e. whatever they say act as though the opposite will happen. Man have we been bamboozeled by these so called “experts”.

On the other hand I think Mark Faber had a pretty good handle on events before they happened. Of course, he was mocked a lot for being so “gloomy”. I’m certainly glad I listened and got out of the US equity markets before the crash. It’s funny, when people hear what they want to hear the speaker is a guru. But, when the speaker says things that are not so sunny, that person is negative and just doesn’t get it.
Marc Faber Interview.

I can't find much to photograph when the sky is straight sunny and cloudless so Koty and I took a walk to Pet Smart and I let him drag me around the store whilst he sniffed everything in site. I really prefer PetCo "Where the pets go." But, the nearest one is 10 miles away! I don't think koty give s fig one way or the other.

I spent a little time this morning going through some photos of last years shoot. We surely did love that trip. It was cold and rainy but the surf and ocean was breathtaking. We could shoot everyday and come up with something that dropped the jaw. The photo below is of Monterey in January.

29 December 2008


12-29-08 Tucson, Arizona

Friday night was freezing here in Tucson. Water was a little sluggish getting through the pipes. Saturday was quite chilly as well. The mountains surrounding the valley all had snow. We braved the elements and headed over to Saguaro National Park East. Dogs are not allowed on National Park trails so we just walk the eight mile loop. It was refreshing!

Saturday night was another freezer. Got down to 37 in the RV. These things don’t have much insulation. Of course, I could turn on the heater but I prefer to pile on the blankets and sleep in the cold. Koty likes it better that way too.

On Friday it seemed all we had to worry about was India and Pakistan getting into a fight. But Israel pre-empted them and attacked Gaza. They warned that they would retaliate and they sure did. It seems like everything runs a cropper at the same time.

This thought occurred to me over the weekend. I keep writing, “People believe what they want to believe”. I wonder if the same principal can’t be applied to Obama. Will Obama be another Bernard Madoff? Most of Madoff’s investors were Jewish and believed they could trust one of their own. I also wonder if a lot of African Americans are not setting themselves up for future disappointment. What made me think of this was Farrakhan’s unqualified support for Obama. And, it is only natural that the majority of African Americans are looking toward him to be a savior. Of course, there are millions of white Americans that think he is a savior too. But, history is replete with the disappointment of false profits. Will Obama be another? Only time will tell.

Obama spends $740 million to get elected. Anybody who raises this much money to win an election has a lot of favors to repay. Frankly, I think it is disgusting that so much money is wasted to buy an election. Because all this is pre-payment for expected favors. These elections have just gotten totally out of hand. Too bad there isn’t some way to just give each candidate a certain sum, which would be a hell of a lot less than $740 million, and that’s all they get to spend. This is just obscene. I sure hope people get what they paid for.

This article says a lot about the man’s strength of character. He can’t even quit smoking, great example setting. Obama’s Efforts to Quit.

Maybe I’m all wet about this fellow. I certainly hope so. One of the reasons I want to put this all down in writing is I want to be able to check back on myself. Check my perceptions against how thing actually unfolded. I’d be happy as hell to be wrong about this guy.
I just don’t understand why investors in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme are so shocked. There was plenty written about him and his fund, starting way back, that would give pause to a prudent investor. People believe what they want to believe. Early Suspicions About Bernard Madoff.

Here’s an off the wall prediction from a fellow who no doubt has an ax to grind. The only good thing about his prediction is that I get to be a part of Canada. Of the available choices on his map Canada would be mine. As If Things Weren’t Bad Enough

Here’s a prediction from James Sinclair that I really want to keep track of.

“Dear Friends,

Here is my New Years gift to you, my extended family.

There is no way that the CONSEQUENCES of the largest creation of paper money since it was invented can be avoided or even modified. Odds now favor Alf Field’s price objective.

January 14th 2011 to June 21st, 2012:

The best part of this gift is not the one you already know, which is January 14th 2011, but rather the date that a new currency form will replace the form of the US dollar as you know it today which is the third week of June 2012.

Don’t laugh! Write this down and do not forget about it!

Happy (sort of) New Year,

I think those who believe this bear market will be over shortly are in for a nasty surprise. People believe what they want to believe. I very much agree with this study’s conclusions. So far it’s bang on. Anatomy of A Bear

We couldn't justify watching anymore of the market action, this is kind of like the Twilight Zone, so we headed out for Catalina State Park. We found the "50 Year Trail" and headed down it. It was a great hike. A yawner for photos, on this day at this moment. But, it was lovely. It followed the ridge opposite the Catalina mountains and I see great potential if one can get the moment right. I shall watch carefully until I go.

We returned to our place at the RV park and decided to have the meal we had planned for Christmas, a great huge porterhouse steak. It was beyond divine.

So times are uncertain but life is still very good. I don't think being realistic and enjoying life are mutually exclusive. I think we are in for really hard times but Koty and I are still living each day to the fullest.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring. All of life is just speculation. I prefer to meet life with no stars in my eyes. To quote from the book I am now reading "Hong Kong" by Stephen Coonts "The world turns seven times a week".

Mt. Lemmon 12-27-08

24 December 2008


Tucson, Arizona 12-24-08

Drat! Maybe the POO hasn't bottomed. It's hard to imagine inventories are up with gasoline prices so low. Here in Tucson you can barely move around on the streets they are so crowded. Add to that the extreme low temperatures across the country and one would think prices would be on the rise. It must surely be some kind of reverse conspiracy. ;) I'll wager Russia hopes we find a bottom soon.

I'm dabbling with the idea of buying some Vanguard High Yield. "High Yield" is synonymous with junk bonds. It's a risky business. I think a lot of big names are going to go belly up in the coming year. Who will survive? Government can't bail them all out. Although, I suspect they will try. Need to look over Vanguard's portfolio and see what's in there.

Wow! This article sure makes the future clear to me. Deflation vs. Hyperinflation. Certainly glad I loaded my boat with the barbaric relic. I once thought gold might go to $1,500 an ounce. But, I never in my wildest dreams envisioned the magnitude of the printathon at the Fed. Now, I believe it will go much higher.

Sunsrise was pretty darned nice this morning. Not good enough to photograph but certainly wonderful to watch.

Last night it was a war zone again but not just with police sirens this time. In addition to the sirens there was a helicopter that circled the wash for about 20 minutes. That wash is a dangerous place after dark IMO. Tucson doesn't feel like a safe place to me. I never worry about hiking alone in Montana. I certainly do here.

Koty was a real pain in the neck this morning. Had to walk him four times before he was satisfied. I'm very happy, so far, with how the Natural Balance is working out. See Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance. My hunch that Koty would be able to stomach a total switch right off the bat was correct. He had no problem adjusting and he is eating with relative gusto. One of the things that attracted me to this product was the fact that it is for adults and puppies. That told me this is a gentle product and well thought out product. And so it has been.

This afternoon was beautiful. Mostly sunny with puffy white clouds. Koty and I took a walk on the Bajada Loop at Saguaro National Park. It was a great way to end the day.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

21 December 2008


12-20-08 Tucson, Arizona

I can't say as I'm particularly fond of Tucson but I'm certainly certainly beginning to appreciate the weather. My home town of Eureka, Montana is having the snowiest, coldest December since I moved there six years ago. You can see for yourself .

Global warming indeed. What a sham that concept is. I am truly amazed by the American ability to make something out of nothing and money for nothing. We quite literally have take this ability from an art form to a science.

There is no one on this planet that has more regard for nature than I and very few who spend as much time in her company. I tell you this, and you won't even have to give me a $500,000 grant, when Mother Nature has had enough of our foolishness she will take care of it just as she has for billions of years. Our arrogance to think we have any clue what is "normal", when our entire history on this planet is beyond insignificant, is a marvel. In truth, there is quite a lot of scientific evidence that we are actually moving toward a new ice age.

Do not misunderstand, I think each and everyone of us should do all that we can not to poop in our own nest. But, that's just common sense and shouldn't cost billions of dollars to implement. Although, common sense does seem to be a commodity in very short supply. And, because we seem to be so devoid of it every slick shyster on the planet is out there just ready to lighten your load. Did you hear the one about every American gets to live like a millionaire just by investing in the stock market and real estate? What's in your wallet?

Ok, enough ranting, on with my day which was not very productive. It was beautiful, sunny and in the 60's. Koty and I took a morning walk over to the Pet Smart store a couple of miles from the RV park. I like to take this walk because it's a nice distance and Koty loves to go into the store. I just let him have his head and go wherever his nose leads him, which is usually the bird or fish sections. My boy isn't interested in food in a package. He likes to catch his own! It really is fun to watch!

After a little RV housekeeping I put my sweats back on and jumped back in bed with a book which I polished off over the course of the day. The book was "Cruel Justice" by William Bernhardt. I don't know why but I am addicted to murder mysteries. I don't think I'm very unique in this regard. Half the television shows are some type of police/murder tale. I watch most of them myself. My favorite is NCIS but I think that may be because I find Mark Harmon delicious. He is aging so very well. My least favorite is CSI Miami. That Horatio Caine is without a doubt the most one dimensional character on television. Every time he strikes that pose with his hand on his hips, which is usually fifty per episode, I want to barf! How any self respecting woman can find that wimp sexy is beyond me.

Anyway, I finished off Cruel Justice and got a new volume to entertain myself, Sandra Brown's "The Alibi". Don't look for these books on the bestseller's list. I got them from the park library and they are more than ten years old.

I was able to pretty much fritter away the whole day in these pursuits. I didn't even attempt to go out to the desert to see about a sunset. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

A friend sent me this link which only goes to show I'm not the only one that has non-productive days! According to the meter nearly 50 million! :)