31 August 2008

Koty & Kinsey Travel to Weasel Lake

This week Koty and I decided to head up to the Ten Lakes Scenic Area. The main event being the Therriault Lakes. The lakes are at the end of the road and nearly thirty miles in from Montana Hwy 93. We got a bit of a late start so we decided to just go up to Weasel Lake.

There were still some valiant late bloomers along the road.

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The vastness of our national forests, this one the Kootenai National Forest, never cease to make me in awe. The air is clear and bright and it seems one can see forever.

Weasel is a smallish lake but quite picturesque. People like to come here to fish, picnic and just revel in being there.

We were going to walk all the way around but the foot bridge was out. Ok, so I'll grant you that doesn't look like much of a crossing but in my defense I was hauling two cameras and being towed, not so gently, by Koty. Discretion being the better part of valor, we just reveled in being there ourselves!

Since our time at Weasel Lake was made short by the bridge being out we decided to go to Weasel Cabin. Now Weasel Cabin isn't at Weasel Lake it's farther up the road. The cabin is off the main road about a mile down a secondary road and sits on Weasel Creek. This cabin is a first come first serve affair and, as you can see, the cabin was already occupied by happy campers.

We thought we might park the car at the cabin and keep walking down the spur road just to stretch our legs. But, we only got about a quarter of a mile before we came upon a Forest Service sign that said "DANGER - Bear snare - Do not loiter in this area." We take these things very seriously and since I wasn't carrying anything other than my cameras we beat a hasty retreat.

By now the sun was dropping blow the mountains so we headed for the barn.

And, so the sun set another fun adventure!

Our week was great. Hope yours was too!

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Koty & Kinsey

©Kinsey Barnard

23 August 2008

Extreme Weather & The Timber Terminator

Mama Mia! I don't know what has been going on in the rest of the country but the weather here in northwest Montana has been wild. Spring was downright cold and we had significant snow in June. July was the coolest in the six years we have lived here and now we've just come off a heat wave. The temperatures were in the high nineties and over one hundred down in the valley. For us'ens who don't like the heat it was time to hide in the house. Lucky for us insulation works as well in the summer as it does in the winter and our temperatures always drop down into the fifties at night. We just open all the windows at bedtime and close them up when the sun crests the eastern ridge. The house stays cool all day even when it's in the nineties outside.

Suddenly, in just a few hours, the heatwave ended. A storm brewed and we were back in the 50's during the day. It rained for two days straight. The rain was good because we have had a dry summer and the forest floor just crackled under your feet.

I find summer to be the least intriguing time to ply my craft as a photographer so I generally take off from serious photography to work on my ranch. Wood gathering is a big job for a girl and a dog. The "Timber Terminator" would be me. A nickname my neighbor gave me because he finds it rather amusing that a gal would take up the chainsaw and maul.

So, now the weather is behaving it's off to work we go! Actually, most of the timber we work on has already been terminated by Mother Nature. Round these parts they call it blow down or windfall and dead standing. The green trees we take are generally for management purposes. Taking the few for the greater good so to speak.

The darned things don't always fall in the most convenient places either and can be very tricky to work on without knocking yourself off in the process. Since Koty is my only workmate extra care has to be taken. Most people think I am a bit daft not only to be doing this work alone but to be doing it at all. The fact is I love working in the forest. I will only quit when I physically can't do it anymore.

Once the Ranger is full it's off to the chopping pile. Chopping and stacking wood is another chore I love. It must be the best aerobic exercise out there. I love looking out the window at the full and neatly stacked shed. I love the warm heat it provides which permeates the entire house. I love the energy bill, about $50 in the dead of winter when we are at home.

They say you have trouble sleeping as you get older. Well, Koty and I are both doing the hard court press on sixty and there are no sleepless nights around here. No need for Ambien or other pharmaceutical poison either.

Soon it will be time to be on the road again and photography will fill our every waking moment. But, for now, this is the work that fills our days. Mother Nature blesses us every day in every way and we are grateful beyond measure.

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Ciao for now!
Koty & Kinsey

©Kinsey Barnard

21 August 2008

Ghosts in the West Kootenai?

The other day we took a drive over to the West Kootenai. It was hotter than Hades and there wasn't much going on but on a short hike up into the trees we did find this apparition. Kinda of looks like either a ghost or and angel to me.

What it really was, was some very energetic spiders that had spun this web over some scrub brush literally creating their very own sculptured work of art. Truth is stranger than fiction and you really can't make this stuff up! The artistry in nature never ceases to amaze me.

More on the weather next time.

©Kinsey Barnard

14 August 2008

For Baby Boomers Only

Ok, what I'm posting today is a little bit different. But, I was sent this music video and enjoyed it so much I wanted to pass it along.

If you are not a Baby Boomer the whole thing may escape you, then again, maybe not. Give a look you may enjoy it too. The presentation is accompanied by Willie Nelson and his music so be sure to have your music on if you can.

Back in the day cowboys weren't only in Montana. They were in everyone's living room. Frankly, I think we could use more heroes. Click on the link below.

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys


Koty Bear

09 August 2008

Eureka Quilt Show - Montana

Last weekend, in our little village, we had our annual quilt show. People from all around come with their quilts to sell and socialize. Everywhere you look there are beautiful, hand made quilts.

The Eureka Historical Village is the main display area and walking around the village is a real treat. Course, I particularly love this sort of thing because people think I'm as beautiful as the quilts and make quite a fuss over me.

But, since the quilts were really the point I'll just post some of the designs displayed. They really are works of art!

Being an outdoor boy myself I rather fancied the outdoor themed ones but there were quilts to suit every taste. If you are ever in the neighborhood the first Saturday of August you should plan to check it out!

Bye for now!

Koty Bear

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08 August 2008

Special Announcement

I have been frequently been asked if I couldn't offer my photographs with frames are matting. I am pleased to announce I have hooked up with Red Bubble and am now able to offer note cards, matted prints, laminates, framed prints, posters and canvas prints.

Several people have already tried out this new service and report that they are extremely pleased with the products.

Take a look at this new site. In their various forms they make really cool gifts for your special friends.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

My new photo gallery

Hope to see you there!

Koty Bear

03 August 2008

Why Do Your Kind Needlessly Kill My Kind?

I sincerely hope this photo seriously offends you! I was out walking on one of my favorite trails this week and this is what I saw. Some evil person, or persons, had killed a beautiful young coyote. And, I guess, hung him in a tree to proudly display their handiwork.

Coyotes are cousins of mine, we are both of the canine family and I just don't get it. How can humans kill such a beautiful creature just for fun? And, just to add insult to injury, put it on display.

I totally understand killing for survival but killing for the fun of it? I love humans and greet them accordingly wherever I go. But, this gives me pause to wonder would one shoot me too, just for the fun of it?

I have more to report about this week but I will write about it in another post. This subject deserves it's own.

Bye for now,

A very sad Koty Bear

©Kinsey Barnard>