31 May 2010

Mule Deer, Whitetail, Hawk, Eagle & Tanager Images

The mule deer are still sticking around. It's still snowing in the high country. They are starting to look a little natty as they shed their winter coats. Soon they will be a beautiful tan color.

The whitetail are also here and soon should be starting to drop their little babies. The photo below is of a what is going to be a very nice whitetail buck. His antlers are now only little velvet nubbins but from the size of those nubbins he's going to be a beauty. What a curse. The more beautiful they are the more determined people are to kill them. Please spare me the rhetoric about the necessity of management. I understand the need. I also understand few go out looking for deer without antlers, no bragging rights you see.

When this buck saw me he took off with his flag flying. I just love whitetail tails when they run.  The deer have been incredibly frisky, flying around my meadow with reckless abandon weaving in and out between the apple trees. I watch for at least twenty minutes almost everyday. They are so happy and high spirited. Such incredible joi de vivre. That they share their joy with me is so very special.

Down along the Tobacco we saw this red-tailed hawk take off. Big dude this one was.

Last year I noticed some eagles hanging around the river down by Pidgeon Bridge. I guess they decided it had home potential because they have built a nest high in an old cottonwood along the river. In the photo you can just make out the nappy little head of a baby bald eagle. It's in front of the eagles chest on the right.

Also, spotted a Tanager. I often mistake this bird for an Oriole they have similar coloring.

They are quite pretty birds.

Well, that's just a little of what Nature had in store for me the past couple of days, a never ending kaleidoscope of indescribable beauty.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

29 May 2010

Wandering the Rexford Bench

The weather has not been kind. It has been cold, rainy, windy with even a little snow thrown in every now and again. For the past several years spring has gotten colder and colder. Watch out for that global warming, you may freeze to death. I can't even think about that boondoggle without seeing red.

Anyway, Koty and I took a little wander down along the Rexford Bench. The Reford Bench has a trail that goes along the bluff overlooking Lake Koocanusa.

This little trail is usually a good place to spy some of the different types of wildflowers.

No offense to anyone but I am going to dispense with a lot of the verbiage because I can tell by some of the questions I get and the amount of time people spend on the site they are really just scanning the photos. Writing is hard work.

I took this next photo just because I thought it was interesting. I believe the foliage is some type of wild holly? The leaf is clearly diseased and one half has perished. Still I think it makes for a fascinating still life study.

Another kind of leaf.

Another plant that always fascinates, particualrly in death, is the dandelion gone to seed.

I continue to be fascinated by the beautiful designs I keep finding in boulders. My all time favorite boulder, as well as, my favorite photograph period is "Kootenai Spirits".

And so, it was a pleasant afternoon spent walking alomg the bench observing the plant life and seeing yet another face of the Koocanusa.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

28 May 2010

A Country Boy Can Survive

..... and country girls too!

This song by Hank Williams, Jr. tells a very true story.

23 May 2010

Montana Gun Control

Snopes says this story is not true. I don't necessarily believe Snopes. I do believe that this is the Montana way. It is one of the many reasons I love this wonderful land.


Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders :
Butte, Montana November 5 , 2009

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine.

Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.

When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45 caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. That victim, 50-year-old David O'Burien, was not so lucky. He died from stab wounds to the chest.

Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC , CBS , PBS , MSNBC , CNN, or ABC news........an 11 year old girl, properly trained, defended her home, and herself......against two murderous, illegal immigrants......and she wins,
She is still alive.

Now that is Gun Control !

Thought for the day:

Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist'

I like this kind of e-mail. American citizens defending themselves and their homes.


God Bless America

20 May 2010

Ring-necked Duck and Chipping Sparrow

I ran into a little duck sailing on the house pond. I can't seem to identify it. At first I thought it was a goldeneye but this little guys eyes were a beautiful, bright green.  I think it might be a ring-necked duck. It clearly has a ring around it's neck and a fluffy top like this one. If it is then it isn't a guy it's a girl.

I'm going with female, ring-necked duck. If anyone has a different idea please feel free to chime in.

Here she is doing a back peddle.

What was particularly interesting about this little gal was she didn't seem a bit perturbed by my presence. Normally, the ducks skeedaddle the minute they become aware of me. I'm thinking it's a response much like the deer, leading one away from the nest.  Anyway, she was a cutie pie.

I also observed a little bird that I do not recollect ever seeing here before. It was a Chipping Sparrow. For once the illustration in my bird identification was exactly like what I saw.

It was a tiny little thing feeding on dandelions in the lawn. What drew my attention to it was the chestnut cap. Had I seen that before I would have remembered.

It's always fun to add a new species to my list of observed wildlife.

The snow level last night was only a couple of hundred feet above me. We continue to have rainy cool weather.

In the "other world" the markets are in turmoil again and commodities are getting creamed. After a huge rally gold and the shares are really getting clobbered. Anyone who doesn't have any exposure to gold this may be a good time to look into it.

Those who have been buying the government propaganda that the recession is over and happy days are here again are in for a rude awakening I fear.

Dow finished the day down nearly four hundred points. Ouch!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

19 May 2010



This photograph is a classic example of the worlds within worlds that one can find in nature and the beauty to be found in the most common things.

To my eye it looks likes a fantasmic scene from outer space when, in reality, it is nothing more than a close up shot of a river boulder. This particular boulder rests in Grave Creek, Montana.

17 May 2010

Tiger Swallowtail & Wild Rose

I'm still rummaging around in my image files. It's kind of fun going back and finding new treasures. I think this photo of a tiger swallow-tail butterfly is a real gem. It was taken in June of 2008. Makes me look forward to what I might capture in just a few more weeks when the wildflowers will be coming on good and so will the butter flies.

That's the thing about Mother Nature. She always has a new adventure just waiting for you round the bend.

Tiger Swallow-Tail & Wild Rose by Kinsey Barnard
Tiger Swallow-Tail & Wild Rose by Kinsey Barnard

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

16 May 2010

Morro Bay Harbor - Giant Cedars Montana

I've decided to try my hand at a remodeling project. I've never tried one around here and it's turning out to be much more than I had bargained for.  In the "other world" I just called a decorator and told them "Make it so!" Where I live now one is pretty much on their own. You can hire the work done but the rest is up to you. And since Home Depot and Lowes are 75 miles away a small bathroom project is turning into a major undertaking. It also doesn't help much that I'm not very domesticated.

All this to say I haven't been getting out much with the old magic box. I have been doing a little housekeeping as regards my image files. It's a chore I dread but really needs to be done. I am coming up with some very nice stuff that has never seen the light of day, that's always exciting.

This first image is of Morro Bay Harbor in California. In the winter of 2008 I was asked to speak at my alma mater, Cal Poly-SLO, so I decided to make a winter of it. In good old Clementine, I photographed the west coast from southern Washington to Avila Beach. We took nearly six months to do it and it was one of the best photographic experiences of my life. Photographing the coast in winter is simply the best. It's cold. It's gray. It's wet. It's blustery. It's simply wonderful! The ocean is at it's most dramatic and until you get down to the Bay Area you pretty much have the place to yourself.

I stayed in Morro Bay for about a week and it was a photographer's dream. This first image is of the harbor at Morro Bay. It was taken as the sun was setting. The lighting was just right to give the boats interest and the colors great depth.

Morro Bay Harbor by Kinsey Barnard
Morro Bay Harbor by Kinsey Barnard

Back in Montana, in the summer of 2008, we took a trip over to Bonner's Ferry, Sandpoint and environs. We made sort of a loop trip traveling over on Hwy 2 and returning via 200 along the Clark Fork River and up 56 back to 2 along the Bull River. Along 56 you will find the Ross Creek Nature Trail and the Giant Cedars and believe me they are giant! If you like cedars you need to see these. They are magnificent! In the photo you can see the little nature trail which meanders along a babbling brook.

Giant Cedars Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Giant Cedars Montana by Kinsey Barnard

Personally, I am a little dippy about cedars. I just think they are such elegant trees. A week or so ago I was over in the West Kootenai and shot this photo of a cedar branch. I think it captures just how unique is the foliage. It looks like a delicate lace to me.

Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard
Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard

Isn't Mother Nature grand?!

©Kinsey Barnard Phtography

14 May 2010



In 1972 Libby dam was completed forming a body of water that is today known as Lake Koocanusa. Before the dam there was the once beautiful Kootenai River Valley. In days gone by the Kootenai Indians spent summers camped along the river’s shores fishing, hunting and gathering what would be needed for the harsh winter ahead. It must have been an extremely lovely valley in those times.

The reservoir runs some ninety miles from the dam in Montana to the Canadian Border and into British Columbia. In order to maintain travel Highway 37 was blasted out of the shear granite mountainsides high above the reservoir leaving literal walls of stone. Over the years nature has wielded Her paintbrush on this great wound of stone creating, at least to my mind, works of art.

I freely admit I am a romantic when it comes to remembering days gone by and I further admit I have a very active imagination. What I see painted here are the spirits of the Kootenai Indians who once roamed and lived upon this land. Maybe some of the stains are from the spirits tears? Things change. Life is hard. That is just the way it is.

Viewing art on a computer screen is very limiting, especially with our noses pressed so close. If you’ve bothered to read this far do me a favor. Stand up and move away from your computer screen, at least a few feet, and look again. Perhaps you too can see the willowy figures of the spirits.

I wish for you to see what I see but even if you can’t I think you must agree this is truly a work of Nature’s art.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

Kootenai Spirits is a limited edition print. The edition is as follows


13 May 2010

Whitefish, Montana-Clementine Pre-Flight

The weather is finally warming up and I am starting to get the wander lust. I usually take Clementine on an outing to the Flathead just to test out all the systems cuz if anything is amiss I have to take her to the Flathead anyway. Clem certainly was raring to go, she got over 20 miles to the gallon, I love that Mercedes diesel!

When we take our check trip I always stay one night at an RV park in Whitefish. From it you can walk right into town in about fifteen, twenty minutes. For those who may not know Whitefish it is a quaint little western town that you will most likely visit if you go to Glacier National Park.

It's amazing how much snow is still on the mountains. The photo below is of what's left on Big Mountain, the local ski area. I apologize for the poles. I'm told Going to the Sun Road won't be open for another six weeks.

The walk into town can be quite nice if you take Baker and walk along the Whitefish River. You can tell by the landscape that winter has been loathe to give up it's grip.

 When the willows come out of hibernation they turn yellow and it looks more like fall than spring.

Whitefish River

Back at the RV park I'm having some problems getting water in the bathroom basin. Cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is. Finally thought to take the strainer off and it was chock full of sand and grit. At first I couldn't imagine how that could have happened but then it dawned on me. I had used one of my irrigation hoses to flush the anti-freeze. I hadn't thought to flush the hose. I draw my irrigation water from one of my ponds oops!

Early next morning we took another wander down the river walk and I found this scene.

Whitefish River-Whitefish Montana by Kinsey Barnard
Whitefish River-Whitefish Montana by Kinsey Barnard

I was really hoping to find some wildflowers to photograph but the only flowers I found were in a window box on Central Avenue, the main drag.

Petunia-2 by Kinsey Barnard
Petunia-2 by Kinsey Barnard

Ok, I admit it I went a little wild with these petunia images but it was fun and I think they look kind of cool! :)

Petunia-1 by Kinsey Barnard

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

11 May 2010

Many Thanks to My Customers-Greek Bailout

In recent weeks I have sold a number of my prints at my Imagekind store. Unfortunately, the company does not provided buyer information so there is no way that I can personally thank you. On the off chance that some of you are also readers of this blog I thought I would try to reach out to you here.

With the advent of the digital age the amount of image product that is out there is beyond overwhelming. When someone chooses my work to put their hard earned cash down for, well that's just a huge compliment and honor.  So, thank you ever so much.

I wasn't out with the camera yesterday as I suffered a severe bout of apoplexy when I read about the Greek bailout and that the Fed is throwing money in that hole as well. Just when I thought things couldn't become anymore insane they do this! I am beyond speechless.

I honestly believe we are observing the total destruction of the world as we know it. That every citizen isn't out in the streets expressing total outrage that this rape and pillaging of the American people in favor of corporate thieves and banksters is beyond my ability to conceive. The image below illustrates where I think we are.

If you don't own any gold better get some. It won't be long now before all fiat currencies are suitable for anything but toilet paper.

On a brighter note, I pilfered this video from the blog of a reader. It's a video of Betty White hosting SNL at the age of 88! I just think this woman is the bomb. She has the greatest sense of humor and I think that is the secret to her longevity.

I'll get back to photography as soon as I can see anything besides red!

©Kinsey Barnard Photograpy

10 May 2010

Wood Ranch aka The Apple Orchard 05-09-10

Koty and I took a hike over at the Wood Ranch. Folks around here refer to it as The Apple Orchard. The ranch was an old homestead that was traded to the state some years back. It is now winter range for elk and mountain sheep. It also has, IMO, the best view you'll find of the Tobacco Valley. You will note some little ears at the bottom.

They call it the Apple Orchard because the original apple trees are still standing. They are probably a hundred years old and are not in too good shape but the trees are there,  they do produced apples in the fall and the bears come for them every year.

The photo below was taken a couple of years ago. The fence is no longer standing.

Everything that remains of the original settlers is falling away. The old cabin's roof has completely fallen in and soon all that will remain are the rock walls. I found this design in the collapsed roof that I thought was rather intriguing. It looks like some kind of face. There is also an old rusty nail and it's shadow.

The picture below is a photo of a large chunk of the old weathered wood that contains the image above. I rather find this old wood fascinating. The face is almost like a spirit in the wood.

Still not a lot of wildflowers about yet. Been too cold for things to really get underway. I realize dandelions are weeds. And, heavenly only knows I have directed a few unkind words their way for invading my lawn but I still think they are pretty little flowers.

And, of course, there is always Koty doing what he does best, hanging out looking good!

It was a lovely hike. Unfortunately, later in the afternoon I had to put down a sweet little white tail buck that someone ran over breaking his back. It makes me so mad. There was no need for it to happen except that the human cared for nothing but speeding mindlessly on a dirt road that you should never travel fast enough not to be able to avoid a confused creature. I'm not very happy with we humans today.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

09 May 2010

Platform Collapse Image and Celente Video

Things beyond my sanctuary have not been pretty.

The oil spill in the Gulf is a terrible tragedy. I came across this image the Horizon collapse. It is the most dramatic that I have seen. It looks like something out of a science-fiction movie.

Sadly, they are still struggling to get things under control.  Crews Dealt Setback.
To think we can go about poking holes in the planet without suffering consequences is beyond naive.

I doubt there are many who are unaware of the 1,000 point intra-day collapse of the stock market last week. I think it was a warning shot across the bow of the Good Ship Lolly Pop. The so called recovery we have been hearing about is nothing but propaganda. There is no recovery and the worst is yet to come.

Below is a Gerald Celente video you should watch. Celente has proven himself time and again to be extraordinarily prescient.

I realize this post is a little off topic but I thought these items might be of interest. I personally believe the economy and the stock market are going to go the way of the Deepwater Horizon. If you aren't prepared for this I suggest you get busy.

©Kinsey Barnard

08 May 2010

Big Creek Montana - 05-06-10

Strange stuff going on with this blog site. For some reason the latest post doesn't show up just the title and you have to click on "read more". Have no idea why this is maybe it's a format change. I dunno.

Koty and I took a wander over to Big Creek in the West Kootenai on the west side of Lake Koocanusa. Big Creek drains into the Koocanusa from the Purcells.

Lake Koocanusa 05-06-10

The area is a known hang out for grizzlies and black bears. We didn't see any bear signs let alone bears.

The creek was running pretty good the following are three shots that may give you an idea of what it was looking like.

Big Creek 05-06-10

Big Creek 05-06-10

Big Creek 05-06-10

The main thing that distinguishes the west side forest from the east side is the presence of cedars. I find cedars to be extremely elegant trees and delight in the fact that I have three at my ranch.

Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard
Cedar Frond by Kinsey Barnard

I also found this boulder with cedar needles lying on it that I thought was a work of art. I don't think a landscape designer could do better.

Forest Decoration by Kinsey Barnard
Forest Decoration by Kinsey Barnard

As always, Koty had a great time. I spent much of my time trying to drag him away form digging for squirrels. Siberians are diggers by nature and when they find something to dig for their determination is without equal.

Koty with Head in a Hole

This last shot is of Big Creek in slow motion. I always like these shots. I think it gives one a different perception.

Big Creek 05-06-10

So there you have it. The creeks, they are a rising.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography