24 May 2013


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was snowing and raining and just pure yucky. Today the sun is shining, the air crisp and clear.

Kinsey and I took off early. We went somewhere I've never been before, which isn't really very hard to do. The trail is not far from our home. We saw lots of deer and elk poop but no bear sign. I was stuck on the leash but didn't mind too much. Kinsey says she doesn't want to risk me running off with my stitches still in and I'm still supposed to be on limited frolic but I think that's silly. I'm fine.

It was a wonderful morning with Kinsey and the below pictures can describe it better than I can.

We were so happy when we got home. Kinsey even turned me loose for a bit. Then I went and indi-distinguished myself. Whilst she was putting away gear in the mudroom I stole the tamale she had thawing on the cutting board. She doesn't seem to be keeping up with my increased range of reach. I'm gonna be in the doghouse for awhile over this one.

©Kinsey Barnard

Wild Lilacs

Getting my first nose full of wildflower

The Tobacco Valley & Lake Koocanusa

Mount Baldy in British Columbia

Note I have a tooth that never came in.

Kinsey & I taking a little break.

23 May 2013


I think it's pretty safe to say Kinsey is too!

The doctor said I was supposed to take it easy for 10 days after my surgery. I think that was a little conservative. I'm more than ready to rumble and this being kept inside and on a leash sucks in a very big way. With all this pent up energy I have been terrorizing the house. I think I've gotten into more trouble in the past couple of days than I have the past couple of months!

To add to our indoor blues the monsoon has begun. Yesterday it rained like I've never seen it. The water was just pouring down out of the sky.

Kinsey promised to take me to Canada and maybe Kikomun Park today. I was really looking forward to that. We both were. But when we woke up this morning it was snowing!

Kinsey takes the unpopular point of view that global warming is a bunch of bunk. Just another gimmick to enrich those pushing their own agendas. She says that every year it has been getting cooler and cooler here, especially in the spring and summer. I don't know nothing about nothing except I sure never thought it would be snowing this late in May. I wanna get out and have some fun for heaven sakes!

©Kinsey Barnard

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20 May 2013


I'm changing my story from that last post "I NEED A NEW PHOTOGRAPHER" . I think it may be a matter of survival.

You'll never guess what Kinsey did to me! She dumped me at the vets. They drugged me. I passed out. The next thing I knew I woke up in a cage with a very bad pain in my tummy! I looked down and someone had shaved me, cut my tummy and stitched it up! The anesthesia made me pop my cookies all over myself. Wow! Am I going to be careful what I say from now on! What a frightening experience. Maybe I was abducted by aliens but I don't think so.

Kinsey has since tried to explain to me what actually happened. It seems I went in for a common procedure called spaying. That's where they remove my baby making parts. I think I'm OK with this because I really am not interested in making babies. I like being an only child.

I'm supposed to be taking it easy for ten days so I don't pop my stitches. That's a way long time. No running or jumping. No being me. This is going to be way boring. The good news is I am not having to wear that mortifying head cone because I have no inclination to lick my incision. There are benefits to being precious.

I'll sure be glad when my time out is over.

©Kinsey Barnard

Precious puppy held captive. Send help!

I'm not supposed to be in this chair.

Under the weather.

Come on let me out. I'll be careful.

01 May 2013


Yesterday we went for a hike on the Swisher Trail. This is a great trail where I can roam around whilst Kinsey slogs along the trail.

This blog is supposed to be a journal of my journey helped along by photographs of my beautiful self. But, after yesterday's performance I'm wondering about my photographer. She completely forgot to make setting adjustments and took a kajillion photos of me racing around set at 1/125. You can probably imagine what those pictures looked like. Me as a black blur. The ISO was set too high and she had trouble getting me in the frame. I may need a new photographer if she doesn't snap out of it.

Except for the photos it was a great run for me. I got my first opportunity to meet strangers, off lead, coming form the opposite direction. At first I took off to greet them but the other human's two dogs came charging at me and I ran back to the safety of Kinsey.  When the strangers got to us I jumped around and played with the dogs but as they passed by I let them go and stayed with Kinsey. She may be a lousy photographer but she is a great protector. I'm stickin' with her.

We did a lot of whistle and hand signal long range recalls and I came running every time. I'm happy to oblige because it seems to make Kinsey very happy and I get scrumptious treats for it too!

©Kinsey Barnard

See what I mean? This could have been a really nice photo if the shutter speed had been right and she hadn't cut off my head!

Looking down on the trail

Don't you think I'm starting to look grown up? Not six months yet.



This is my first dog toy review.

Lately, I have been especially mischievous. Really getting into everything. The other night I found the electrical cord for the recliner and, even though it had been unplugged and carefully tucked away under the chair, I managed to find it and chew it in two.  Kinsey is tearing her hair out trying to keep track of me and keep me out of trouble but I am a stealthy little gal. I think the doggie devil must make me do these things. I can't seem to help myself.

In order to try and occupy my active little mind Kinsey bot this puzzle toy called a Star Spinner. The way the toy works is you put treats in these little compartments. I was supposed to figure out how to get them. The thing came with instructions with very serious talk about training, learning new commands and Kinsey eventually being able to impress her friends with what a genius I am.

I watched Kinsey load the thing with treats. Then we took it outside. As soon as she set it down I sniffed it and in less than a minute I had all the treats. I think they must have lowered the bar on what a genius is. Either that or I'm right up there with Einstein. At the risk of sounding precocious this toy would bore a pet rock.

Needless to say the Star Spinner has been returned to Petco. I like that store cuz I get to go in which is exciting for a country kid. Kinsey likes it because they cheerfully take back return items. I hope Kinsey keeps trying because I really love brain teasers.

©Kinsey Barnard

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