26 January 2016

I Am Not A Stinky Pants! We Need a New Vet!

Kinsey has been running around here calling me "Stinky Pants". Sometimes at night I smelled so bad she shooed me from the bedroom. Because she thought she saw more yellow spots in the snow she decided I might have a urinary infection, I've had that before.

Away we went to the vet. Kinsey found this vet when my predecessor, Lakota Sunrise, was fading with old age and Cushings Disease. At the time she thought he was a Godsend. Personally, I've never liked the place.

Kinsey had said she thought it might be a urinary tract infection. They took me in to get a urine sample and then we waited for the doctor and the results. So, the vet came in and said there was nothing in the sample. He asked what the symptoms were and Kinsey did her best to explain. He looked at my teeth and said maybe it was bad breath because I have a lot of plaque. Kinsey stuck her face in my mouth and said no smell there. Surely if it were plaque it wouldn't come and go. Next he said maybe it was my ears. Kinsey says I have the sweetest smelling ears on the planet. Then he said I was overweight.

With that I could see Kinsey start to sizzle with annoyance. She is very fussy about my weight, believing that any dog owner who allows their dog to become overweight is cruel. Kinsey asks "How much did she weigh?" The vet looks at the file and says "We didn't weight her". Normally, that's the first thing a vet does. Then I got weighed and came in at 48 pounds. The vet in self defense says "She's been gaining with each visit". Yeah, like the first visit I weighed like ten pounds because I was a puppy. This is maybe the second time I've been there as an adult. The average weight of a female Australian Shepherd is 40 to 55 pounds. I'd say 48 puts be about dead center.

I will admit when I put on my winter coat it makes me look much beefier than I am. But, if you put your hands on me you can feel my ribs. Also, I might put on a pound or two in winter but so does Kinsey and it melts right off with the snow.

Even though the urine test showed no sign of infection the vet says I can give her antibiotics to take. Which he did. I was barely back in my car crate before Kinsey says and I'm quoting here "This is bullshit! This is all wrong". Then, apparently, a light bulb goes off and Kinsey takes my collar off and smells it. It didn't smell so good. A stinky collar could cause intermittent stinky. Lots of times I sit out in the snow and rain and I'm sure the thing gets wet.  We drove directly to Pet Smart and bot me a new collar.  And, I'm stinky no more!

Our next stop was back to the vets to see if we could get our money back because there was no way Kinsey was going to give me those pills. In fact she still can't believe the vet gave them to us. The vet Kinsey thought he was would have said "I can't find anything let's just keep and eye on things".

In conclusion let me just say, I am not a stinky pants!!! And, I want a new vet!!!

Meanwhile Kinsey continues to be obsessed with her painting project. You can check in on her progress at Following My Art

©Kinsey Barnard