10 March 2010


Turkey Tail Fungus by Kinsey Barnard
Turkey Tail Fungus by Kinsey Barnard

Turkey Tail Fungus. What can I say? It's yet another example of Mother Nature's artistry in the mundane. But wait, it may be a fungus but it's not so mundane. Turkey Tail mushrooms are one of the most researched and respected of the medicinal mushrooms. They are also one of the most common in the northern forests of world, from Europe to China and Japan, from Siberia to the US and Canada.

From the photograph I think it's pretty clear how this fungus got it's name. Turkey Tail is a common fungus which grows on the sides of logs or trees. Colors can range from brown, white, tan, orange, red, or purple. Sometimes you can find a fungus that displays all these colors. The "blooms" grow from May to December. I found this specimen in July. Turkey Tails can last several years.

"Turkey tail mushroom, like other medicinal mushrooms, has long been esteemed in traditional Chinese medicine. This natural mushroom is believed to have healing elements to strengthen the body against illness and disease. Here's how this alternative medicine works".

Generally you will find turkey tail growing on old stumps and logs. This particular fungus was found in Beaverhead - Deer Lodge National Forest National Forest in Montana.

Koty and I spent several days hiking in Beaverhead-Deer Lodge and it was great.

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