14 December 2010

OK, So I'm the Ditziest Person I Know! Probably you too!

Earlier today I posted to my Facebook thingy that if I couldn't laugh at myself I wouldn't laugh so much.

Well, here's a classic.If you need to make your day by thinking someone is a real moron. This one's for you! :)

A while back I bought some Foster Farms frozen grilled chicken at Costco. So you know I go a lot. Well, the stuff was just awful. I love to make a salad with chicken breast but I can no longer find the Jenny-O that I liked so much. Costco used to carry it but they don't anymore and what they replaced it with is simply drek.

I soon discovered the Foster Farms stuff was not fit for consumption. I tried to figure out how I could use it. Being of Scottish descent, giving it the toss was out of the question.

I like to think of myself as the creative sort so I purchased a box of Chicken Helper Mexican Cheesy Chicken Enchilada. I figured it might just do the trick to cover up the really horrid chicken.

So, I'm reading the box and it says "High altitude (3,500 to 6,500ft)" and increase water and cooking time by fifteen minutes. I look at this and say "Oh, my gawd! I live at nearly 4,000 ft! I'm high altitude!".

OK, so now here's the great part. I have lived here for 8 years! And, just figured it out! I nearly laughed until I cried!

In my defense. I don't eat a lot of prepared foods and I don't bake. But, I do eat a lot of pasta. I just thought the yoyos didn't know what they were talking about when they called for ten minutes cooking time when it really took 13 minutes to get a very nice al dente.

So, any of you out there that are feeling bad about yourself just remember I'm here and slower than molasses! :)

PS: If you are looking for a quick way to disguise awful (but edible) meat these Helper things are very effective! Koty was kind of disappointed.

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Tom Aaron said...

You could give it to that Husky. If she's anything like my lab, it probably won't even hit her tongue on the way down!

Walker said...

Unfortunately, Koty isn't at all like that. If you were to hold out a filet mignon for him he would sniff it and check it out thoroughly before he would take it. He eats like a bird. Unlike his mother who lives to eat, he eats to live. Probably why when people guess his age they say guess between three and five. He turned eleven in October!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I have messed up more than one cake when baking in Montana when visiting friends!!!

Walker said...

It's a skill that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh

Walker said...

Bayou: Glad to oblige! I really do believe laughter is the best medicine.

dospuntocerovision said...

Excelent blog!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Walker said...

Thank YOU! dospunto!

Dani said...

Totally enjoyed reading this

Walker said...

Thanks Dani!