23 October 2012


Yesterday I had quite the treat watching Timmie meet up with three mule deer. I had been told Timmie didn't like the cold and would stay indoors in the winter. Not so. The little dickens can't wait to go out in the cold and snow.

At first light Timmie was at the door whining to go out. After awhile I looked out the window to see if I could tell what he was up to. Sure enough he was hunting. Voles and mice around the house are in for some real trouble.

Timmie on the hunt

The next thing I knew three mule deer, two does and a buck,  have moseyed up trying to figure out the little creature in the snow. As these three huge beasts closed in on Tiny Tim, he paid absolutely no attention. I don't know if Tim was unafraid of them or just so intent on the hunt he paid them no never mind. In any event he showed absolutely no fear. I was scared for him. :)

Three Mule Deer Closing In
Next thing I know the buck is following Timmie right up to the house.

Timmie Brings Bucky Home

Bucky and Timmie at the Woodshed

Unfortunately, these last two photos have window glare and are hard to see. Too bad because they are the cutest. If I had opened the sliding glass door to get a clear shot there would have been no photos at all. The deer would have taken off like rockets, particularly Bucky. It's hunting season and he'd be shot in a minute if a hunter saw him. The deer seem to sense they are in danger and don't calm down until after hunting season. After hunting season the mulies are quite tame.

I have a sneaky suspicion Timmie is going to be my new favorite thing to photograph. He is really quite the card.

©Kinsey Barnard

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