18 February 2014

Columbia River, Ilwaco & Cape Disappointmnet

We set out early for Astoria and missed it completely. I think mom needs one of those GPS thingies as we are forever setting out for one place and ending up in another!

The plan was to start in Astoria and work our way back to Cannon Beach. But, when we got to Astoria instead of going into town we ended up on Megler Bridge. This bridge takes you across the Columbia River and in to Washington. Never one to go backwards mom took a right and headed for Cape Disappointment. The trip was anything but!

Our first stop was Fort Columbia. The wind was blowing so hard we could hardly stand up. We didn't stay long. Everywhere we went there were downed trees from Monday's storm.

Next stop was Chinook Park. It was cold and windy but we braved the elements and walked along the beach. Beautiful views across the Columbia back at Oregon. We saw lots of cargo ships coming in from the open sea on to the river. Those big ships are so cool to watch.

We continued north, around Baker Bay, to Ilwaco. Ilwaco is a really neat fishing village. Everything was pretty much closed for the season but mom really likes that for her photography. We walked all around the village and I liked that!

From Ilwaco (pictured) we headed for Cape Disappointment. Our first stop was at Beard's Hollow. Very pretty. A beautiful bald eagle was perched in a tree. I was awesome. You can walk down a path to Long Beach. They are not kidding when they say "long"!

Next up was North Head Lighthouse (pictured). Beautiful views from this place. Then we drove down to the main gate of Cape Disappointment State Park. Looks like a very nice campground. We drove out to the North Jetty and mom got some shots of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

The day was pretty much shot by this time so we headed back to Oregon. No sooner did we get home than it started to pour. We had lucked out all day with the rain!

I couldn't link any photographs for you because they aren't ready yet and when it comes to her photography there ain't no rushin' my mom.

©Kinsey Barnard

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