09 March 2014

Spring storms in Montana very exciting.

Seems like spring IS on the way but man is it making a mess of things! Warm temperatures are melting the snow pack and rain is adding to the run-off.

Poor Kinsey was really having a time of it yesterday. Where she had stacked the snow had blocked proper drainage and pushed the water off down the drive. Then the rain came and tons of water took off down the drive eroding deep trenches. The ground is now totally saturated. The water keeps running and the trenches grow ever deeper. Normally, the snow melts slowly and we don't have rain. It's kind of like a perfect storm break-up.

Kinsey was out trying to figure a way to help divert the water. Problem is, the ground is still frozen and the normal channels are filled with snow and ice. Kinsey took after the ice with pick and shovel trying to dig the channels out. Whacking away she covered herself in ice and mud. The poor dear, I thought she was going to give herself a heart attack from the effort.

And, what was I doing all the while she toiled? Well, I was catching the Frisbee. God bless her, Kinsey would stop to toss the thing each time I brought it to her. I am getting so good. I can catch the thing over my shoulder, running away from it. And jump? My goodness golly, can I jump! I wish there were someone around that could throw the Frisbee whilst Kinsey photographed me because really I do some amazing things that should be captured. Maybe in the better weather.

I did reward her kindness. Whilst we were out some deer came ambling through up the hill. I took off like a rocket when I saw them. Kinsey hollered "STOP!" and I did. I came right back to her. She loves it when I do stuff like that and I love to make her happy.

Molly Montana

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