20 September 2014

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Wowie! Zowie! I'm on my second RV trip and it's been awesome so far.

No internet for five days. Been in Yellowstone and the Gallatin National Forest. Going to have some great stories and photos to share.

Got into Jackson Hole yesterday afternoon. The fall colors in the Tetons are incredibly beautiful. Can't wait to get out hiking.

Weather is very warm and sunny. Must be why there are still so many tourists around. In Jackson Hole itself the traffic is bumper to bumper. Kinsey was very surprised. She hasn't been here for about six years but thought the tourists would have thinned out by now. According to one local we talked to, it has! That is hard to imagine.

Don't have any photos for you as Kinsey isn't processing any on this trip.

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

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