21 April 2016

The Perfect Gift

Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! I've really hit the jackpot this time.

I found Kinsey the perfect gift! When I brought it to her I was knew I was a rock star. And, what was this perfect gift? It was a deer shed. Now I know this would not appeal to most people but my mum is a bit of an odd duck. She loves getting natural things, as long as no one is harmed in the getting. So when I presented her with this half of a perfect 8 point rack she was over the moon.

With all the deer around here you'd think one would stumble on them all the time. We have not had such luck. And, often when you do find them they've been out there for a couple of seasons and have been munched on by hungry critters. Not this baby it was in pristine condition. In the photo it looks kinda small but it's really a nice size.

Molly Montana and Deer Shed Antler

In other good news Kinsey recently read that Australian Shepherds are among the top 20 longest living canines. This means I could have as much as another 15 years if I watch my P's and Q's. That probably still won't be long enough to see Kinsey off this mortal plane but she may have slowed down some by then, she'll be 82. But, after watching a video this morning of Queen Elizabeth celebrating her ninetieth I think Kinsey will be around long after 82.

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