18 May 2008

Hanging Around Our Backyard

That's a kind of misleading title because our backyard is a wee tad larger than most. It's probably like about a million acres of National Forest and State Game Range. Early in the week we hiked the Game Range looking for a herd of big horn sheep. By golly we found them and I'm lucky I didn't get a whipping because I got so excited, and made such a racket, they up and ran away before mom could get much in the way of photographs. I'm a bad boy! ;)

On any given day you can see elk, big horn and other critters on the game range. This particular day, besides the big horn herd and a slug of mule deer, we saw this lone grouse up on the ridge sitting under a tree. They really are beautiful birds but dumber than posts. If I weren't on a lease I could catch one so easy! Mom says you don't need a gun to hunt them, you can just boink them with a rock. Mom is a reformed hunter but even in her hunting days she would not have found much challenge hunting these silly beauties.

There is an old apple orchard on the range. The trees are pretty close to giving up the ghost, having been planted nearly a hundred years ago by homesteaders. The bears come here in the fall to see what they can glean. And it is a beautiful setting.

We also took a walk along the Tobacco River. The river is rising as Mother Nature finally releases her grip on the snow pack. We spotted this Canada Goose pair with their brand new gosling. It simply amazes us how the little ones in the wild survive. The current in the river was fierce but that little gosling paddled like a trooper.

Now you're going to have to really look at this photo because there is more in it than can be readily seen in this low resolution photo. But maybe you can make out a wood duck pair and a male mallard. It was a pretty scene and you know how whacky mom is about those wood ducks.

Last but certainly not least mom got a new abstract for her collection. She just loves these photos that look like impressionist paintings.

Well, that was our week! Hope yours was a good one too!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography



These are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more.

Walker said...

Health Nut:

Nothing in this world gives me more pleasure than to share the incredible things in nature I am blessed to see.


Azure Accessories said...

Love the photos...great blog...
Cheers H

christine said...

i just read that you are a reformed hunter. kudos to that, and it reminded me of holling vincoeur in the show "northern exposure." he used to hunt, and not he hunts birds with his camera.
his character must have been modeled after you!