15 April 2009


Well, lucky for us, the weather did hold and we set out for Moab. We knew we could get a place in Green River but hoped for the best and a place in Moab, which is significantly closer to the parks.

We arrived in Moab and much to our delight we found a slot. But, believe me there were not a lot of them to be had. But, one was all we needed.

As soon as we got settled in we took a drive up along the Colorado River. The river wasn't too scenic as it looked like chocolate milk. It still looks like Easter week in Moab. The place is jumping and jiving. Jeeps and other off road vehicles are everywhere. If you don't have your own there are lots of place that will rent them to you.

Yesterday we got up bright and early and headed to Arches National Park. The photos I am displaying are all of Arches. At the moment, the wind is blowing a gale again and the sky looks like chocolate milk. So, I'm having time to go through yesterday's shoot.

I really love the rock formations, like the above. No human sculptor could create anything more beautiful IMO.

I must admit I was in awe of this park. There were so many beautiful things to shoot I was somewhat overwhelmed. Also, the park was amazingly full of tourists. I'm sure I made plenty of folks annoyed as I dawdled along. Why people want to go sixty in a scenic park is beyond me. It's like zoom, zoom been there done that! I think you would have to spend days in there in order to drink it all in. It is truly a magnificent place.

Koty wasn't a very happy camper. As usual he couldn't get out except to go potty. Most of the best arches are on trails and because Koty can't go I'm not leaving him in the car. Anyway, so far haven't seen any photos of arches that send me any place but I figured I'd better include one in here for good orders sake.

We spent the entire day in the park. So, there is not a lot of story to go with this. Just me stopping every two minutes. My bigest complaint is that you can only pull over where they have made space for it. And, I must admit they missed so much photographic good stuff. I was going nuts.

Apparently, other folks may have seen some of the same things because apparently they had been pulling on to the shoulder wherever the mood struck them. The park people have gone around and made a big gouge in the shoulder to discourage stoppers. But, boy you need to be careful. Until you catch on it's very difficult to see the trenches. We darned near fell in one and it would have high centered poor little Shadow for sure.

We made it without misadventures and sure wish we could be out there right now. But, Clementine is rocking and rolling in this wind and if you venture out you get grit in your teeth. I reckon we are going to be stuck in here for the day.

Hope you enjoy this sampling. I'm getting a little lazy so I didn't put the "High Res" thingy under each image. It's a pain in the patookie. So, for those interested in seeing the larger high res photos just go to my LANDSCAPES GALLERY and you'll find them all there.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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