07 April 2009


Well, h-o-w-d-y! We sure didn't miss winter altogether. Snowed all day Saturday and was 17 Monday morning. Koty, thinks it's just great! I surely do wonder how people live in these RV's in the winter, in this climate. As far as insulation goes they are not much better than a tent. The propane bills must be eye poppers. I do notice a lot more people taking up full time residence in these RV parks. I reckon you can buy a used 5th wheel for next to nothing and rent, in this park, for example is $500/mo plus your propane. Fairly, reasonable.


Sunday, on the other hand, was just beautiful. It was sunny and with the new fallen snow simply gorgeous. We couldn't wait to jump in Shadow and check it out. The above photo was taken from Mancos looking back at Mesa Verde.


This image is of the Mancos Valley. I don't know about you but I just think this landscape is stunning. At this time of year the snow doesn't last very long so one has to go get it whilst the getting is good.


From Mancos we took the road heading north to Dolores and found Summit Lake. A small but very picturesque lake as you can see in the above.


Along that same road we found this red barn. I love to take photos of barns. This one, in the snow, seemed particularly handsome.

Monday we skeedaddled over to Durango to see our CPA. We lived in Durango at one time and found Margaret whilst there. We couldn't bear to lose her. Besides, what a good excuse to return. We still really enjoy the place a lot.


On the way over to Durango I spied this beaver lodge out the corner of my eye. At first I just thought it was a lodge but then when I put my telephoto on it I saw, to my surprise, a Canada Goose sitting on top! If you look close you can just make it out. When we returned later that afternoon she was still sitting there. Maybe she decided to take a room at the lodge?


After our meeting we took a stroll along the Animas River. It brought back many memories as we used to take this walk at least once a week when we lived there. The town has built a really nice blacktop path that everyone can enjoy. The Animas, along this section is a catch and release Gold Medal River. We saw several fly fisherman plying their art. It is truly an elegant sport. We also saw this mallard couple sun bathing in the middle of the river. It was truly a magnificent afternoon.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the weather can change in the mountains and we've certainly seen that demonstrated in spades lately. There is a saying, in the Rockies "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes." I don't care what Rocky mountain town your in, from Colorado to Montana, you'll here that saying. And, everyone one thinks they invented it. :)

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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