09 September 2010

Cattle Drive Chili

This post may seem a little off topic but it's not really. Life on the road, as a photographer, isn't always that glamorous.

At this very moment in time we are stuck in Bozeman, Montana in a thunder and lightening storm. Yesterday we tried to hike the Bear Canyon Trail, both Koty and I were drenched in mud and rain by the time we got back to Clem. I mean we were a mess. Clem was clean when we arrived. She isn't anymore. Despite my best efforts Koty brought the outside in! :)

So here we sit in Clementine waiting out the storm. I'm having some Cattle Drive Chili for lunch and it's damned good! Ok, and a little glass of Merlot just to ease the pain. :)

Eating out of a can isn't my favorite but I was compelled to pass along that this chili, IMO, is the best you can get in a can. I get mine at Costco.

I'm hoping this storm will pass as Bozeman has a Friday  evening "Art Walk" and I was looking forward to seeing the efforts of the local artists. The Weather Channel isn't too hopeful but they are wrong as much as they are right. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Anonymous said...

Seems like the right kind of chili for Montana!