04 October 2010


It's been raining the past couple of days and Koty got himself a severe case of cabin fever. He can't go a day without at least an hours worth of exercise. Of course, I have been kind of grateful to be able to give my ankle a break.

This afternoon, since I needed to go Eureka anyway and it wasn't raining too hard I figured I'd take the brat to the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk is a community project where they have made an asphalt path along the river which is accessible to just about anyone. In the photo below you are hard pressed to see the asphalt path for the autumn leaves that cover it.

Riverwalk Path

The path meanders along the Tobacco River. There are benches to be found periodically where one can stop and savor the beauty all around. Course, stopping and savoring isn't in Koty's job description but I can dream can't I? ;)

Tobacco River

I saw some grass along the path that I thought was kind of interesting for it's texture and color, apparently so did Koty! Koty never likes to be in photos unless I prefer that he weren't. Then I can't get him out.

Native Grass
You never know who you might run into on this path which is what makes this little path so special. It's not unusual to see moose and bear as well as lots of deer.

Whitetail and Fawn
The trail also has numerous stations with plaques where you can read about the history of the Tobacco Valley and Kootenai Country. The plaque below tells of the local Native Americans that the white man called Kootenai. This valley is truly rich in history.

Fall is my favorite season of the year and this little walk reminds me as to why. The color everywhere can be described in no other way but stunning.

Aspen & Cottonwoods

If you ever find yourself in the village of Eureka, Montana (population about 1,000 souls) I highly recommend the Riverwalk. It's just a walk, not a hike, but it is a very pleasant one even in the rain.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Heather said...

Those photos are just stunning! My fav is the bench and river, although catching a glimpse of Koty was pretty cool too! A lovely walk thanks for taking me along.

Getty Image Office Philippines said...

These set of collection are awesome. Very impressive, I appreciate much wildlife and landscapes photos, very inspiring.

Walker said...

To Getty Images:

Thanks so much for your kind comment.