07 August 2011

Stock Market Went To Hell I Took A Hike

Friday August 5, 2011

Yesterday the Dow was down 500 points. It was a no place to run no place to hide kind of day except for gold. Today started out punk so I decided to give myself a break and get Clem out for the day.

Here it is August and I still hadn't de-winterized Clementine, my Winnebago View, let alone take a trip. Too much going on here at the ranch and no one to delegate chores. I figured it was a good day to get away and exercise Clem. I really enjoy driving her.

Off we went down 37 along Lake Koocanusa. The Lake is now very close to full pool and it is gorgeous after the record lows earlier this spring. The water is right up to the tree line, something I have not seen since I lived here. Normally the Koocanusa isn't all that pretty because it really isn't a lake but a reservoir that was gouged and blasted out leaving a normally long, narrow water body with raw, vertical banks. Not this year. It looks like a real mountain lake.

Kootenai River Trail

My destination was the Kootenai River Trail near Libby, Montana. It's not much of a trail anymore. The power company has made it a road so they can get in to service their lines. Too bad, it has taken a lot of the flavor of the walk away but it's still a wonderful walk.

Kootenai River

Like the lake that feeds it the Kooteenai River is full and running bank to bank. It was hotter than the dickens, for me anyway, around 90 degrees. Neither Koty nor I is very keen on hot weather. I got down in that creek and dunked my head and threw water down my shirt. Oh, mama, what a great feeling!

Stopped at a little creek for some cooling effects

Thistle were blooming and I happened to see this bee scrounging for nectar. I always marvel at how many seemingly not so nice things, like thistle, there are in nature that are also so very beautiful. I guess the answer is that everything is beautiful in its own way.

Thistle and Bee

About three miles in you come to an old settlers cabin. I just took a few shots for fun. These old relics always seem to transport me and my imagination.

Kootenai River Trail Relic

Kootenai River Trail Relic

Kootenai River Trail Relic
The old cabin was about as far as I got this day. I forgot to bring my water and I was dying thirst. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. I suppose I could have drunk from the little creek. I drink from mine at the ranch all the time. I'm wondering if you can get all the way to falls. Have to come back on a cooler day and go the distance.

The views of the river seemed to be lovelier mostly due to the fact the sun was behind me. The Kootenai really is an awesome river and in the fall a great place to come watch the eagles fish. There were quite a few human fishermen in their dories.

Kootenai River Montana

Kootenai River Montana

Kootenai River Montana

By the time I returned home I was tired but totally refreshed. Nothing like a walk in a beautiful, natural setting to clear the head. Lucky me, I am surrounded by beauty.

©Kisney Barnard

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