28 November 2011

Insect Bites & Allergic Reactions

This post is a 180 from my last A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. My show and tell photo for today is UGLY.

My first duty upon rising at this time of year is to get the woodstove going again. It usually goes out over night no matter how far down I dampen it. It's not a problem because this house is so well insulated often times I have to crack a window to let some of the heat escape.

Back to the tale at hand, pardon the pun. Yesterday morning I was setting about my fire making duties when as I put my right hand in the glove I felt this really nasty sting. At first I thought it was maybe a splinter of wood that gotten inside the glove. That happens. But, the sting was so red hot I flung off the glove and threw it down. I thought I saw something black on my finger but I wasn't sure because I do this task in near darkness. I don't know why. I just do. I hunted around for a flashlight and by the time I got a hold of one and swept the carpet with it there was nothing to be found. There is a lamp right there I could have turned on but I didn't. I don't know why. I just didn't.

The sting, bite or whatever hurt like the dickens and I thought to myself "Sure hope that wasn't a brown recluse or some other deadly do wrong". Ever the optimist I decided it wasn't anything lethal. Sides, I live far enough out in the bush that I would probably be over the Rainbow Bridge before they got here anyway. I noticed my hand was starting to swell quickly. I am very allergic to insect bites and stings.

Taking matters into my own hands I took some Benadryl and slathered on the Cortizone 10. Right away I noticed the swelling seemed to be slowing and I breathed a sigh of relief. Where I messed up was I thought I only needed to take the Benadryl once not a few times. This morning when I woke up my hand looked like this. WARNING! The picture you are about to see should not be viewed by those with weak stomachs. OK, that's a little theatrical but it does look nasty.


Honestly, this is not what my hand normally looks like. The swelling crept six inches up my arm. Looking at it on the bright side it did stretch all the wrinkles out!

The worst part is I don't what bit me and the bugger is still running around in the house. For all I know he is back in the woodbox just waiting for his next chance to attack.

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

That does look nasty...is seeing a Dr. not an option? Certainly hope it only gets better.

Walker said...


Seeing a doctor is only an option under dire circumstances as defined by me. To a large extent I attribute my general good health to an avoidance of conventional medicine and doctors.

Had this been a fatal bite I would have probably croaked before I could get help as I live by myself, well Koty is here but he's not driving, out in the forest.

The swelling is about half gone now and I realize my big mistake was not to keep taking the Benadryl. I won't forget next time.

I appreciate your concern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kinsey, is your hand doing better? Hope so. I so admire your independence and self reliance. I feel the same way about visiting doctors. They are a last resort. Nixpix