19 December 2011


I'm just playing around here and thought I would try posting a seascape slideshow from my Website. Too bad I can't put it to music. That's probably possible but beyond my pay grade.

Enjoy the show!

SEASCAPES - Images by Kinsey Barnard

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

Wow...love them all but especially the one where the wind blows the spray to the left...or back on itself. I'm at my happiest when I can see and hear water. Merry Christmas.

Walker said...

Thanks Rilly The Oregon and Northern California coasts are the bomb in winter. I'd like to go back and give it another whirl one of these days.

Rilly said...

We have a few spectacular places along the Washington coast too. ;)

Walker said...

I know you do. I just haven't gotten up there. I did get up across the Columbia to a little fishing village that I just loved. The name escapes me at the moment. I'm in the process of going thorough a bunch of photographs that still need to see the light of day. I have photos of it. I actually have ties to Washington my great uncle William Barnard was the first president of the University of Washington.