07 December 2011


It's a funny thing, when I first moved out to the Montana wilderness my friends and colleagues were worried that I would be lonely or bored. Ten years later and I can honestly say, not a problem.

Is there such as word as "unbored"? I doubt it but that's what I am. In ten years I have never had a bored moment. Between managing my sanctuary and pursuing my passion for photography I can barely keep up with myself.

Always alone but never lonely. I honestly don't know what is the big bugaboo about being alone. I love it and I'm not really alone at all. There is my trusty sidekick Lakota aka Koty. He is a great companion and very easy to get along with.

Lakota Sunrise

And, then there are the wild things that visit it me from time to time. Why just yesterday when I returned from a trip into town some mule deer were in the meadow to welcome me home.

Mule Deer in the Meadow.

Each year a band of blacktail aka mule deer spend the winter with me. It's a wonderful homecoming. When the snow is gone and the grass is long they will leave to summer in the high country.

All, of this came to me as I realized that I haven't written anything on this blog in a week and it seems like just yesterday. I really do not know where the time goes. Of course, part of it may have to do with the fact that I will be starting my 64th year in just a little more than a month. For those of you who don't know that means I will turn 63. Hard for me to believe as I doubt I have ever been in such good shape or better health. It really is true you are as old as you think you are and I must admit I have no concept of my numerical age. I also have to laugh at experts who say that if you live alone you will die younger. I don't think so! Age, loneliness, boredom those are all choices that one makes. Silly me I don't even know the meaning of those words.

I am doing a lot of work on my website FINE ART NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY. Putting together some new galleries and adding new images. It's a lot of work and winter is a great time to get after it.

By far the most popular new work I put up this past week was this one I call Old Yeller. Apparently, some people like old things!

Speaking of boredom this post probably bored you to tears? Safe to wake up now. I'm done!

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

I'm never bored here...too busy reading the words that escort me to and from your wonderful photographs.

Happy Birthday early......

Holly Days Closet said...

I once heard someone say that Boredom was a sign of a dull person.
I also think that about 99% of people who can't stand to be alone don't really like themselves to much. I myself love to be alone.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your photos and try to imagine how beautiful it must be to live where you do. With all the wildlife around you, how could you be lonely? Seems like it would be a very peacefull life there. Lucky you!

Walker said...

Thank you Rilly, on all counts. It's very gratifying to know people enjoy my work. In case you are ever interested in purchasing prints or gifts made from them I have recently revamped my pricing structure making things much more affordable.

Walker said...

Good for you Holly. You are so right. I'm not sure what it means but I also note women are much more adept at being alone than men.

The other day this though flew through my mind. "Be kind to yourself. You are the best friend you will ever have." I posted it on Twitter and the response was amazing. I think people would love to get off the hamster wheel and get in touch with themselves but they have been conned into materialism and from that comes a subliminal self loathing. The best things in life really are free.

Walker said...

Anon: I am truly blessed to live this life. Not a day goes by that I do not consciously give thanks to the Mother for all that She has given me. It is through my photography that I try to express my appreciation and let others see the world through the eyes of one who has stopped to smell the roses.

Unknown said...

Kinsey! Delightful! I imagine your place through perception: during college studies (architecture) I had visited magnificent Himalayas, spent few days and nights absorbing landscape... there.
I am now in one of the worst urban metros, Mumbai. I grew up in Konkan, at the foothills of Western Ghats, one of the biodiversity hotspots that is now on a worst decline. In between then and now, I spent decades in forest, rural and urban India. But the aborigines in the forests made me aware of, and converted to, Communion with Mother Nature.
I Go Beyond. Now I notice presence of Srishti every where, within and outside. I am never bored. I am alone in the family and crowd, because of my faith, yet never lonely. Nature is never-ending movie-show with sound colour movement... in light/dark that I pick up anywhere any time. My mom, past 80, who partly lived in village and at late age in city, was never bored, like her daughter-in-laws.
I see Time, not clock-time, but as movement of day and night, phases of the Moon, seasons... no beginning. Here, for age peasants say “…so many monsoons”, aborigines say “...so many Moons”. It is cyclic time, not linear like the civilized people. Even Earth, planets, stars, nebulas… move in cycle, never ending Time. That gifted me to think in cyclic way... hence no linear thinking.
~~ Remi

Walker said...

Remi: Great comment thank you for posting it.