28 June 2012


There is no one who loves this country more than I. But just because I love it does not mean I cannot see it's foibles. It doesn't mean I have to buy into what the charlatans in Washington and the corporate elites are doing to the country I love so much.

Elections in this country have become nothing more than puppet shows.  If anyone really believes we have a two party system they are lost in a haze. Our two party system is pure illusion. What we have is a one party system with two flavors. Vote Democrat if that rhetoric appeals to you. Vote Republican if that rhetoric floats your boat. It matters not. Once in office these actors do as they are told. In a nutshell that is to sell the people of this country down the river.

In order to promote this illusion people are told that to vote is their patriotic duty. But, this patriotism is nothing more than a tool for manipulation. They choose the candidates. You get to vote for what they allow you to vote for. Elections have become such big business that no ordinary person could ever run. No you have to be "connected" because without vast sums of money you wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. The example that illustrates my point perfectly was George Bush junior. Seriously? The best this country could come up with for a presidential candidate was the son of a former president and an elitist? No, he was chosen for us. Look at Ron Paul. He was an outsider and until it became embarrassing, the media completely blacked him out. Paul never had a chance.

Several elections ago I made the decision that I would not vote in a presidential election until I could vote "for" a candidate as apposed to what I found I was doing, voting for the lesser of evils. The exact election was when they put up junior. I have been called unpatriotic for taking this stance. I think the opposite. I think I am a true patriot for not buying into a corrupted system. Voting is the only thing they can't truly control. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Who knows what they can do with these computerized voting machines.

Can you imagine what would happen if they held an election and no one showed up? It would render the government illegitimate. It would be the shot heard around the world. We could take this country back if the people wake up from their dreamworld and take a stand.

I'm sure most people cannot conceive what I'm trying to say here and our great country will continue to be sold down the river by the drones. But, to my own heart I must be true. I refuse to be a part of this ugly charade. I will vote when there is someone to vote for not against. Unfortunately, that will not happen until the people demand it their rights instead of complacently taking what's offered to them.

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

My feelings exactly. I hate voting for a lesser evil but I always felt I had to vote. Only once did I not vote for that reason and I felt guilty for years. I was 90% ready to not vote this year and your blog helped me make it 100%. I just wish the majority of the country would too.

Walker said...

Good for you Rilly. I truly believe it's the right thing to do. Was disappointed to see Clint Eastwood so strongly backing Romney at the convention.

Anonymous said...

Of course Canada is no better. I haven't voted for years. For every irrelevant issue the ruling class tell their politician shills to promote for them I can identify dozens of relevant issues that are of REAL importance that they ignore. The elected leaders want you onside so they can carry on their sham governing. Well not me and not in my name. It will always be us against them and I don't vote for my enemies. Occupy