02 January 2013


It has been some time since I posted to the blog. What with the holidays and I just didn't have anything I wanted to share I decided to take a little hiatus. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We certainly did here at Dancing Deer. It was white an wonderful.

Koty continues to struggle with old age and Cushing's. He's lost so much hair I marvel at how he still loves to be out in the very cold. He wears a neck gator, a friend knit for him, all the time as his neck is completely bald. He's slowed down but his quality of life is tip top. I am now able to let him roam free on the ranch. He loves to trot down to the pond to get his water and I love to watch him. In these last days of his life we are bonding in new and beautiful ways. It fills my heart to breaking.

The winter has been mild so far. The temperatures have been mostly in the 20's,  great for hiking. Everyday Koty still pesters me to no end to go for a hike and so we do. Winter is a magical time in the woods. And I truly treasure the time we spend in them.

Koty down at the pond and roaming free

Timmie has finally given in to the cold and spends the bulk of his time indoors. He's not so tiny anymore either. He's packing on the poundage at a prodigious rate as most of us do who live in this climate.

A friend sent me this video and I just had to pass it on. If it doesn't bring tears to your eyes you've already passed on. It is especially meaningful to me because it reminds me of what a fortunate person I am to live where I do and see what I see. This is my life. And sometimes I take it for granted because it is my life. Watch and enjoy!!! ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION
video. A masterpiece.

©Kinsey Barnard


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your updates on Koty and Timmie.
Been wondering how they were both doing. I know it has to be rough watching Koty's decline. Saying a prayer for both of you. Nixpix

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep us updated on how Koty is doing. Having been there before with dogs I have loved and have passed I know what you must be going through. You have given Koty a wonderful life in NW Montana paradise.