06 December 2012


A couple of weeks ago Hostess Brands called it quits. There was much talk of the demise of the Twinkies. My first reaction was "Good grief do people still eat that junk?" I honestly don't think I've ever eaten one. I do recall eating a Hostess cupcake. My parents never allowed that sort of thing on the ranch. Want a sweet? Go eat an orange. Although, I was put upon as a kid for this at the time I'm actually quite grateful to my parents. There is little doubt in my mind that their ban on junk food has allowed me the excellent health that I have experienced in my nearly 64 years.

I was quite smug in my thinking no great loss that, unless of course you were an employee. Well, I found out that that the Hostess bankruptcy is going to have a profoundly unhappy impact on my lifestyle. I love sourdough bread with a passion. I probably eat a loaf a week all by myself. The absolute best sourdough bread is Boudin but no chance to get that where I live. I do have found memories from when I lived in San Francisco and would go to the bakery at Fisherman's Wharf and buy it still warm. Gads, but that was heaven.

This week when I came off the mountain to pick up supplies at the grocery I had a most unpleasant surprise. The bread section is always on my list. Since I have no chance of getting Boudin Sourdough my substitute is Coeur d'Alene Cracked Wheat Sourdough. I've really grown to love the stuff. This day when I arrived at my mecca the shelves were nearly bare, not just of my beloved sourdough but of nearly every kind of bread. Turns out the bread delivery the store was using was ..... Hostess. No more Hostess no more bread.

I was told there would be bread next week as the store was making arrangement with another distributor but Coeur D'Alene sourdough would be no more. Worse yet I know of no place within a hundred miles to get it. The replacement will be Seattle Sourdough yuck! Be sure to read this review.

So, you see, the ho ho is on me!

©Kinsey Barnard


Teresa said...

Well Kinsey, it looks like it is time to start baking your own sourdough! Join in the fun!



Anonymous said...

Why don't you make your own sourdough? It's not hard and you can do it the way you want.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kinsey! You actually can get your Boudin sourdough - Boudin has their own website, and you can order directly from them. Though for me, I'm attempting to make my own starter and see where that goes!


Walker said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Three years later and I'm getting used to the Seattle Sourdough.