12 August 2013


WOW! This morning, on the occasion of my 9 month birthday, I swam for the first time. I have been playing around the edges of the pond but only today did I finally take the plunge.

Every morning Kinsey and I play with my Chuckit Ball. I really love that thing. With the launcher thingy Kinsey can throw the ball a mile. I could chase that ball until I dropped. I take breaks by running down to the house pond and cooling off. I always take the ball with me because I don't trust Kinsey. She might hide it from me before I get back. Usually, she blows her whistle for my return. We both know I would come back anyway. It's just for good practice. And I do fly when I hear that whistle.

So, today we are playing our Chuckit games and I run down to the pond to cool off. I come running back up the hill to Kinsey without my ball. "Where's the ball?' Kinsey asks. I communicate she needs to come with me down to the pond. How do I do this? I pretend to be looking for the ball all around me as I move back down to the pond. One of my favorite tricks I play on Kinsey, I pretend I can't find the ball so she'll walk all the way to where I am. Course as soon as she arrives I miraculously find the ball. So, I started toward the pond pretending to look for the ball. When we got there it was pretty plain to see where the ball was. Out in the middle of the pond.

Kinsey kept trying to get me to "swim" and I wanted to but it was so scary to take those first few strokes. But, finally I could resist no longer and took the plunge. I wasn't to elegant in my first few strokes and I wasn't able to get the ball as all my splashing around just sent it further away but I swam. I really swam. That same little girl who was afraid to stick her toe in a stream just a few months ago. I know I'll be doing a lot more swimming in future. I'm gonna a be a real little water dog.

What a great way to commemorate my 9 month birthday. I was exited. Kinsey was excited for me. It was just all around great!

Racing through the grass with my Chuckit Ball

I want that ball.

But,.But. It's so scary

My First not so elegant strokes

Please I want that ball.

I'm doing it! I'm really doing it.
©Kinsey Barnard