10 August 2013


My bad. I haven't written on this blog in quite some time.

Summer seems to be a crazy season. So many things to do. Lots of work at the ranch, which bores me spit less but must be done. Lot's of company coming to enjoy marvelous Montana. I love company and meeting new people.

We have been back to the Salish Mountains. We found a trail that Kinsey wants to explore further but we weren't prepared to go so far. If we are going more than an hour out she likes to take a larger pack that has enough on board to spend the night in case of an accident. I'm looking forward to checking this trail out. What we've seen so far has been beautiful.

My training is coming along nicely. I'll probably have my last private lesson next week. The problem I'm having is; when I'm in a classroom I'm good as gold and the instructor is quite impressed with me. But, the second I get out in the forest I go kookoo. So many wonderful scents. I'm like a kid on crack. :)

In sad news; a young (25 years old) photographer Kinsey thought very highly of both as a photographer and general all around good guy passed away. His name was Patrick Orton. He had an incredibly promising career ahead of him. Patrick loved extreme sport photography and had taken some awesome images of people doing crazy things. He liked to do crazy wild things himself. He liked to jump off things and a couple of weeks ago he jumped off a bridge in Sand Point and that was the last thing he did. What a tragedy. Here is some of Patrick's work. PATRICK ORTON

Below are a few recent photos.

This was the view from the trail we found in the Salish Mountains. You can just make out the peaks rising up in Glacier National Park in the far distance.

I am so darned cute!

This is Red Bird one of my favorite toys.

This is Miss Piggy. She is my most favorite toy. It's Kinsey's favorite toy too because instead of that annoying squeak, that I love , it makes a lowing pig sound. Very funny.

©Kinsey Barnard

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