30 November 2013


Hoping everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

The high for us was around 22F. Kinsey decided it was a good day to go hunting for photographs. What made things interesting, to her at least, was we had a hoar frost going on. That's when there is a lot of moisture in the air and the temps are low. The moisture turns to ice crystals and clings to everything. Kinsey says it's beautiful and reminds her of a scene in Dr. Zhivago.

I like to be out in just about any weather. I thought Kinsey was a little nuts to be slogging around in it. But, when she's on the hunt with her camera there is no stopping her. She may have gotten a little cold as I noticed she had a couple of shots of Bombay Sapphire with her T-bone steak which she BBQ'd on the deck. She was telling her friends who called that it was a "balmy" 22!

Without further ado, here's what our Thanksgiving looked like. Ok, so it's mostly me. I'm just as pretty as any hoar frost don't you agree?

This would be me.

This would also be me. The scenery looking rather frigid.
This would be our Walden Pond. It's hard to tell this is a color photograph but it is.
Kinsey actually did capture a scene she liked well enough to put in her  "The Beauty of Ice" collection. But, I don't see why she thought that was nicer than the one below with me in it. I think I dress up any scene. Just click on the link to see her idea. I mean if you want to waste your time.

Come on now. Admit it. I make the shot!

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