20 April 2014

Motorhome Shake Down Cruise to Glacier NP

Today's offering is kind of a photo essay.

It's that time of year when we take Clementine, that's our motorhome, out of mothballs. In the Fall she has to get winterized so as not to freeze her parts. She then patiently waits for spring so she can get back on the road.

Yesterday we drove to #Glacier NP to test out some of the equipment. Kinsey decided not to de-winterize the water lines as we are still below freezing overnight and there's no reason to rush. We aren't going anywhere for a few more weeks.

As usual, the first thing Kinsey thinks about when she travels is her stomach so our first stop was at Super 1 in Columbia Falls.

This would be me waiting patiently for you know who
This stop gave us an opportunity to turn on the propane and see if the refrigerator would fire up, which it did not. Kinsey tried a half dozen times but the thing wouldn't ignite. She went out and tapped on the pipes but still nada. She finally said "Oh, the heck with it. Maybe jostling around on the road for awhile will break something free." Away we went.

The day was bright and sunny but still not a lot of people out and about. Kinsey took this photo whilst driving down the road. Smokies she's gonna kill me. Dang I wish I could do it. I might live longer.

The road less traveled but not for long

We pulled into #Lake McDonald which is the first magnificent sight one is likely to see upon entering the park. Once parked Kinsey tried the refrigerator again and voila it fired right up as did the burners on the propane stove. Excellent!

Lake McDonald April 19, 2014 Glacier NP

My awesomely beautiful self at McDonald Lake Glacier NP

National Parks in America don't let dogs on the trails so there wasn't much we could do but walk down the road which wasn't really a problem because there wasn't much traffic. Because of the dog limitations Kinsey gets very few photographs inside the park. She says the park is photographed to death anyway and there is no shortage of wondrous beauty outside the park. I am very grateful for her attitude. It means I don't get left behind.

There were a few stout souls out camping for the weekend even if their campsites where ringed with piled up snow. We stopped in at the amphitheater. The stage was still covered in snow but who needs anyone on the stage when you can sit and look at that backdrop? Awesome!

Glacier Park Amphitheater
 When we got back to Clementine Kinsey tried firing up the on-board generator. It took a little grinding but she fired up and ran smooth as silk.

On the way up and on the way back we were amazed at the amount of water in the Flathead River. The river is already running bank to bank and we haven't even really started the melt in earnest yet. The rafters and kayakers must be in heaven but we could be in for some real flooding trouble if the melt comes on too quick. Once again Kinsey did her one handed, driving down the road picture taking trick. I don't know how she does that. But, I'm not sure I like it.

Flathead River running bank to bank

So, Clementine is partially cleared for going on the road. We still need to drain the pipes of anti-freeze before we can check the water pump and the water heater.  So, far we are looking good! I'm really excited. I've never been on a road trip before. God bless my old mom. She really likes to get out and do stuff! I am becoming more grateful all the time that she is the one who chose me.

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©Kinsey Barnard


judyb said...

That's absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!

judyb said...

Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!

Rilly said...

What beautiful country, I always love seeing your photos. Husband and I always planned to take road trips after he retired but the Good Lord had other plans and it's not something I want to do alone. Molly's very lucky.

Walker said...

Thanks Judy!

Walker said...

Sorry about that Rilly. Kinsey has been on her own all her life so she's used to doing things by herself. But, of course, she has me to supervise. :)

All the best to you and thanks for stopping by.