02 May 2014

Picture Perfect Day in Montana Frolicking in Lake Koocanusa Photos

Yesterday was a picture perfect day here in NW Montana and here's a picture to prove it.

Lake Koocanusa
That's Lake Koocanusa and those are the snow capped Canadian Rockies in the background. You can see that the lake has been drained to a very low level. They do that every spring to make room for the kajillions of gallons of water that will soon coming flowing out of the mountains. Kinsey says this may be the lowest she's ever seen it. The lowest before she captured in "HEAVENLY EYE" Click on it to see what you think. Looks like a toss up to me.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day to be sure. Kinsey had finally decided to try and capture my athletic abilities with the Frisbee. Well, it's not really a Frisbee it's a flying disk made by the Chuckit! people and it's called a Paraflight. I really love that thing. Sometimes it kind of hangs in the air and changes direction. You really have to keep your eye on the ball, I mean disk. I like it!

Kinsey collected her pal Faith to act as disk thrower whilst she tried to catch me with her camera. Let me just say I don't think Kinsey has much of a future in action photography but God bless her she tries and beggars can't be choosers, right?

Look at me I can fly!

What Form. What Style. Such grace!

Cooling my jets
Another cooling technique I invented
Would you get a load of that tongue!
After they wore me out with the Chuckit! we had a picnic there beside the lake. It was very, very nice.

While we were eating we heard helicopters circling overhead. We figured it had something to do with the control burning that was going on in the area. Sure enough a Forest Service truck stopped by to let us know about the burn and the helicopter. The helicopter wasn't just observing, as Kinsey had thought, but it was actually starting the fires. News to us they were doing it by dropping incendiary ping pong balls on the forest. Get outta here!

Warning Sign
There you have it another day in wonderland doing the most outrageously fun stuff.

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©Kinsey Barnard

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