28 July 2014

Fabulous Championship Cross Country Horse Competition

Kinsey went to this event in Kalispell this weekend that got her all lathered up. It was The Event at Rebecca Farm celebrating the year of the horse. The event has been going for a number of years but this is the first time Kinsey has gone. I, of course, did not get to go. This is partially my fault. Dogs are welcome but Kinsey wanted to try an take pictures of the jumpers on the cross country course and, well, that would have been kind of hard to do with me in tow.

Horse and Rider Jumping at the Event at Rebecca Farm

Kinsey was practically raised on a horse and even though she doesn't have any now her love of them still burns bright. Hmm, I wonder if should be jealous?

Sports photography certainly isn't her forte but she was all excited to give it a try especially because it was horses.

She has put together a slideshow of some of the pictures she took and asked me to post the link to my blog. I am a good and obedient little girl so here it is.

Slideshow of The Event at Rebecca Farm Kalispell, Montana 2014

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

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