12 March 2008


Ok, so we headed back to Shore Acres. You remember, the place they don't even let dogs out of the car! Being the loyal, patient dog that I am I kept Shadow company.

As you can see from the photos mom got all fascinated with rock and sand formations that she found along the bluffs.

When she was finally done we headed for the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. Now there's a mouthful!

When we got there we decided to skip the Interpretive Center and head straight for the trailhead. As it turned out that wasn't such a smart idea. At the trailhead there was a holder for maps but there weren't any. We aren't the type to be intimidated by being map less or clueless, so away we went.

The trail meanders down a kind of dark little rain forested valley with a pretty creek running alongside the trail. Again, as you can see for yourself, mom got fascinated, this time by these big yellow blooms called Skunk Cabbage. After taking a bunch of pictures we continued on down to the slough.

The trails started going every which away. We came to a big deck about 20 feet off the ground that overlooked the slough. I saw a squirrel on a tree trunk beside the deck. Not realizing what I was doing I made a leap for the rail and the squirrel, about the time I realized there was nothing but thin air where I was headed mom grabbed me and pulled me back from the brink. I would have hung myself for sure. We both nearly had heart attacks. Remember the old saying "Look before you leap"? Well, I'm a believer now!

We continued wandering, having no idea where we were going. Mom said that surely we would find a sign that directed us to the Interpretive Center but we never found one. Eventually, we decided to try and retrace our steps. Mom said not to worry as they would come looking for us at closing if we hadn't found our way back by then. They'd see Shadow and come looking for us. We found our way back, thank goodness, and headed over to the Center where we found out it was closed until Tuesday. This was Sunday!

If you're in Coos Bay and like to walk trails we can recommend this place. We also recommend you pick up a map before you wander off! :)

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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Michelle B. Hendry said...

Beautiful! They are like paintings...

I love it when there is nobody else around on a trail. Sounds like it was awesome!