31 August 2008

Koty & Kinsey Travel to Weasel Lake

This week Koty and I decided to head up to the Ten Lakes Scenic Area. The main event being the Therriault Lakes. The lakes are at the end of the road and nearly thirty miles in from Montana Hwy 93. We got a bit of a late start so we decided to just go up to Weasel Lake.

There were still some valiant late bloomers along the road.

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The vastness of our national forests, this one the Kootenai National Forest, never cease to make me in awe. The air is clear and bright and it seems one can see forever.

Weasel is a smallish lake but quite picturesque. People like to come here to fish, picnic and just revel in being there.

We were going to walk all the way around but the foot bridge was out. Ok, so I'll grant you that doesn't look like much of a crossing but in my defense I was hauling two cameras and being towed, not so gently, by Koty. Discretion being the better part of valor, we just reveled in being there ourselves!

Since our time at Weasel Lake was made short by the bridge being out we decided to go to Weasel Cabin. Now Weasel Cabin isn't at Weasel Lake it's farther up the road. The cabin is off the main road about a mile down a secondary road and sits on Weasel Creek. This cabin is a first come first serve affair and, as you can see, the cabin was already occupied by happy campers.

We thought we might park the car at the cabin and keep walking down the spur road just to stretch our legs. But, we only got about a quarter of a mile before we came upon a Forest Service sign that said "DANGER - Bear snare - Do not loiter in this area." We take these things very seriously and since I wasn't carrying anything other than my cameras we beat a hasty retreat.

By now the sun was dropping blow the mountains so we headed for the barn.

And, so the sun set another fun adventure!

Our week was great. Hope yours was too!

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Koty & Kinsey

©Kinsey Barnard


Azure Accessories said...

As always fabulous photos Kinsey!

I always enjoy reading about your adventures...I can just imagine your enjoyment in actually living them!

The photo of the Kootenai National Forest is stunning...it reminds me of something Michelle (Artscapes) would paint...don't you think??

Beautiful sunset photo...ours have been exceptionally stunning for the last week or so...many shade of pink...


Walker said...


I hadn't thought of it but now that you mention it it does look Michellesque!

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Well isn't that funny... That was my favourite picture! :-) It would make a great painting because it is an amazing photograph!

The trips you take are so amazing....