09 August 2008

Eureka Quilt Show - Montana

Last weekend, in our little village, we had our annual quilt show. People from all around come with their quilts to sell and socialize. Everywhere you look there are beautiful, hand made quilts.

The Eureka Historical Village is the main display area and walking around the village is a real treat. Course, I particularly love this sort of thing because people think I'm as beautiful as the quilts and make quite a fuss over me.

But, since the quilts were really the point I'll just post some of the designs displayed. They really are works of art!

Being an outdoor boy myself I rather fancied the outdoor themed ones but there were quilts to suit every taste. If you are ever in the neighborhood the first Saturday of August you should plan to check it out!

Bye for now!

Koty Bear

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!! They are sooooo gorgeous! Not that far from me either! To bad I didn't know sooner...well actually, maybe it's a good thing otherwise I'd be broke lol

Thank you for sharing!

Azure Accessories said...

These quilts are beautiful...true works of art/love...so much time to make these!!!

I do a market every Friday in the tiny community of Rosseau where two great ladies make animal quilts, dogs, bears, deer etc...simply amazing work...
I'm always humbled when I see such artistic talent!!!

Great post...

Anonymous said...

Wow these are all soooo Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these great pics:)
P.S I like the outdoor type ones too. They are so uncommon and I think very difficult to make.

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p4ladin said...


nice art