03 August 2008

Why Do Your Kind Needlessly Kill My Kind?

I sincerely hope this photo seriously offends you! I was out walking on one of my favorite trails this week and this is what I saw. Some evil person, or persons, had killed a beautiful young coyote. And, I guess, hung him in a tree to proudly display their handiwork.

Coyotes are cousins of mine, we are both of the canine family and I just don't get it. How can humans kill such a beautiful creature just for fun? And, just to add insult to injury, put it on display.

I totally understand killing for survival but killing for the fun of it? I love humans and greet them accordingly wherever I go. But, this gives me pause to wonder would one shoot me too, just for the fun of it?

I have more to report about this week but I will write about it in another post. This subject deserves it's own.

Bye for now,

A very sad Koty Bear

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Marilyn said...

Oh my GOD!!!!! There aren't words to describe the shock and anger I'm feeling. I found myself wishing someone would find the person that did this unspeakable crime against nature and do the same to him!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Most Humans love nature and would not hurt creatures (of your kind or others). However, there always are some Villanous Men who take pride in heedless killing and showing off. I hope such men appear few and very far between.

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Walker said...

To Bubbles:

I certainly hope you are right. It's Just so very hard for me to comprehend.

Azure Accessories said...

Did someone actually shoot this coyote???

The killing of anything for fun is a tragedy but then to display it is even worse...makes me wonder what goes on in peoples minds???

Feel better soon!!!

Walker said...


Yes they shot it!

Thanks! I feel fine just a little disillusioned. As man's best friend I thought all people were good. Guess this was my reality check.

Koty Bear

PM said...

we were at a chicago zoo yesterday. one of the last animals we visited were coyotes. a discussion amongst our group was how animals kept in captivity/rescue tend to live 1/3 longer than animals in the wild.

we also listened every night to coyotes howling while in bend oregon two weeks ago. we are not sure why they howl. is it communication, a celebration, a warning?

are there farms around you that have been raided by coyotes and an angry farmer was on the prowl himself? this is a sad post and hope this was not a meaningless kill.

Walker said...


Coyotes run in packs mostly and yip and howl as a means of communication. They will really tune up when they are on the hunt.

Where I live they are abundant. As for this one being hunted by ranchers; 1) It was on forest service land and 2) no self respecting rancher would put the carcass in a tree like that.

As for captivity as opposed to living free you might like reading this http://kinseybarnardrocks.blogspot.com/2007/12/conundrum-and-answer.html

Thanks for your comment.

Koty Bear